December 4, 2008


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I hate making up titles for blog posts, especially when the post is a mish mash of stuff like this one is going to be.  I could name it Mish Mash, but that I think needs to be reserved for a day when I take my camera on a walk around town.  : )

Yesterday was my anniversary and my husband surprisingly put a lot of thought in to my gift this year.  I on the other hand did not.  I gave him a card and that’s it.  We are having a HUGE Christmas this year and I didn’t see the point in really spending money on yet ANOTHER gift, besides, my card was good.

I love the jammies from  (I learned about them listening to my beloved Howard Stern – they are/were a sponsor).  The style isn’t one that I personally would have chosen for myself, but it’s fitting for him to have chosen it for me.  It’s a T shirt and pant set and has a camouflage pattern…the T shirt says “fatigued” (which I usually am – though not so much anymore with the high powered iron).  A gift from a Marine to his wife.  He left this present for me to open when I woke up that morning.  He’d already gone to work.  When he came home from work, he came home carrying this



an decorative arrangement of plain, white and milk chocolate covered strawberries.  PERFECT!  The fourth anniversary is the Fruit and Flower anniversary.  I love getting gifts that are traditional.  The fact that he actually took the time to find out what the fourth anniversary gift is shows that maybe there actually is some hope for the Marine after all.

Here’s an unwrapped picture –


I’m not going to say how many of the (40 total) strawberries I’ve eaten so far, but lets just say the arrangement is not near as pretty today. 

In knitting news, the blocking of the Christmas Scarf is finished.  Here’s a picture.  This is Noro Silk Garden – in colorway 275.  The pattern is Scarfy Come Home (a ravelry pattern). 


I have made really great progress on the second scarf.  I intended to finish today, but I got sidetracked by this


I totally screwed it up, but it looks really cute.  I’m going to make a bunch of them to sell in the BEA store for some extra cash to help fun my trip to Garmisch in January.  I don’t plan to pay for the whole trip, but I think I can make enough to buy a few beers and maybe a pretzel or two.  I have made a promise to myself that I will not start on these mini socks (I’m also going to make mini sweaters) until I have finished the second scarf.  So with that being said.  I’ve got some knitting to do, but before I sign end this for today, Ruth asked me if I would do Holidailies 2008 and I am going to accept her offer. 

I’m going to have a lot to blog about after-all!


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  1. Jessica said,

    Love the new design of the blog.

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