December 7, 2008

WIP’s vs UFO’s

Posted in Journal tagged , , at 10:12 pm by Jenn

Today I took inventory of my WIP’s/UFO’s and found that I have become what I always swore I wouldn’t become…a knitter.  I have the following projects on the needles waiting to be completed as I post:

1.  Baby Surprise Jacket – Christmas gift for Kate Collins…will be late.

2.  Slytherin Socks – started in September.  Finished one, second one about 25% complete.  In my own pattern.

3.  Mini sock – test sock per request of Embassy store…possible to sell these items.  In my own pattern.

4.  Clapotis – received pattern and yarn for my birthday….I’m about 30% finished, but I think I’m going to have to frog back to my life line and start fresh from there…we’ll see

5.  Clementine Shawlette – started in May 2008.  I received the pattern and yarn in a swap I participated in.  I love the pattern and the yarn, but I think I should be using bigger needles.  I’m looking for a lacier look.  Jess thinks it will be fine once it’s blocked….hmm…frog or continue?

6.  Carey’s socks – I’ve finished one…the other is pending. 

7.  Silk Garden Scarf – I cast this on last night…not sure who it will be for.

So there you have it.  All of my current works in progress.  This does not include the sweater that I am supposed to be working on for the Sexy Knitters Club or any of the other projects that are in my queue just waiting for me to start, or any of those favorites that I’ve highlighted as potential future knits. 

It’s hopeless, I’m hooked.  No pun intended.

And for you more seasoned knitter’s out there, when does a WIP become a UFO?  Just curious…



  1. Heather said,

    I say it’s a UFO after 1 month of no work, and you’ve moved on to knit other things. In which case, I have many, many UFOs in my house, and lots of WIPs, too!


  2. this is where i struggle with knitting. i cannot have two projects going at one time. so if i have something i’m a bit stuck with i’m just stuck. can’t move forward. can’t start something esle. which is where i am right now.

  3. sjsmart said,

    A month? Oh no!

    That’s the way I used to be Monica…now I find that I’m sometimes casting on three things in one day…I did that the other day and that’s when it hit me…oh boy! I’M A KNITTER!

  4. Mom said,

    I have several UFO’s the longest running is an afghan that just has to be put together-squares have been made since before 9/11. WIP are socks and a shawl that I need for Christmas! I have a shawl that I started after last years knitters convention. But I have never cast on three things in the same day!!!!!

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