December 11, 2008

It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas!

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , at 4:01 pm by Jenn

I’m baking cookies for the exchange this weekend and it sure does smell good in my house today.  One of the writing prompts for Holidailies 2008 is:

Describe the top three scents or flavors that always evoke holidays for you.  I thought this would be a good one for today.

1.  I love the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree so I guess the first scent would be pine.  I only like the fresh pine scent though, I don’t enjoy pine candles or those car christmas trees…only fresh cut pine or fresh pine wreaths…I wish I had a fresh pine wreath.

2.  The second scent/flavor – APPLE CIDER!  There is nothing better that a glass of hot apple cider, or cold apple cider or spiced apple cider…you get my drift.  I love the smell of apples in any form pie, cider, candle, etc.

3.  The third is hard…off the cuff I’d say peppermint.  I don’t really care for peppermint candies on a day to day basis, but there is something about a peppermint mocha, or peppermint mocha cookies, or the smell of a candy cane that just says “holidays” to me.

Ok, all this talk about food and me not having eaten lunch yet is NOT a good thing with all these cookies in the house!  : )



  1. bethberes said,

    I love the smell of Apple Cider also

  2. Eva said,

    And gingerbread! Don’t forget the heavenly scent of holiday gingerbread.

  3. Debbie said,

    Hi Jenn!
    Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up!

  4. Jen D said,

    My three are: (1)PINE-fresh or candles.(2)SPICE-clove, cinnamon, pumpkin…any combination like that, yum!
    (3)CANDY-my mom makes homemade hard candy every year. It’s a tradition in our family. I am not a huge fan of some of the flavors-once added to the hot candy mixture- but it is surely a sign of the holidays in our family!

  5. sjsmart said,

    Gingerbread…I forgot about gingerbread. That’s a good one too.

    The hard candy sounds interesting Jen. I’ve never tried to make it. Scott and I are going to tackle buckeyes here in the next week or so.

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