December 12, 2008

Good Mail

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , , , at 10:53 pm by Jenn

Yesterday’s mail proved to be one of the best mail days we’ve had in a LONG time.  I had a lot of great packages, I’ll give you a brief description of the “loot”.

1.  XMas present from the in-laws.  A Belgian waffle maker with the waffle fix-ins.  YUMM!  Also a Buckeye’s shirt for Scott…maybe he’ll throw that nasty Dover one away now?

2.  Package from my friend Jen which included the fixing for a taco dinner.  Also included was some salsa and some Mac n Cheese.   Thanks Jen!  You ROCK…but not as hard as me…why?

3.  ROCK BAND!  It finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box.  I didn’t realize that I ordered the version that came with the microphone, the guitar and the drums, but I did and yesterday evening Scott and I ROCKED the Wii!  LOL.  It was so much fun.  I was the lead singer and Scott was on guitar (started on drums, but quickly gave that up).  Here’s a picture of our best effort…not to shabby for amateurs.  I see many RockBand Jams in the Smart household future.


Scott’s out with the fella’s tonight so I’m home alone, and I went on the Solo Tour tonight.  I must say that even solo the game is a lot of fun.  Sadly, I think I rocked it a little to hard last night though because my hamstrings are a little tight today!  LOL.

4.  Packages from home – one package that I was instructed to put under the tree, unopened…it says fragile.  Hmm…thinking.  The other contained all of the rest of the Christmas presents.  It was  a BIG BOX!  Lots of goodies under the tree…GOODIE!

5.  Present for Max from Sooner and Java Kuzcynski.  Those dogs always think about Max and Max never sends them anything.  I guess it would be different if Max could actually go shopping and if they actually sold dog treats here, but again…dogs are not pets in this country…anyway, Max loves his package.  He already opened it and has consumed almost half the contents.

6.  HSKS6 package!  A very tired owl, the Finch-Fletchley family owl, Nemesis arrived today with my swap package all the way from Oregon.  I have been anxiously awaiting this owl’s arrival.   I tore in to the package almost immediately, and was thrilled with what I found inside.  First I must say that Andromeda did a super job of nailing my likes~!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my package…so here’s a picture






Where to start?  Well duh, with the bag of course.  I LOVE this bag.  it is a Ravenclaw bag in book colors.  I love the strap and I used the bag today.  I can put the strap across my body and wear it like a messenger bag.  It’s awesome and I have been wanting this bag for a while.  Now I don’t have to knit it for myself!    Clockwise from the bag are Knit Picks 40″ cables to add to my set.  Then a tin of Green Apple mints – Knitting Girl of course.  Next is an awesome bookmark.  I wish I was reading a book…I have a Janet Evanovich…I just may have to start that so that I can use the bookmark.  Next, stitch markers in Ravenclaw colors of course, then a set of size 9 needles.  I think for the scarf that I’ll be making with the Paton’s Soy Wool Stripes….Andromeda sent three awesome patterns, one of them being the Pallindrome Scarf which Jessicahas convinced me that I MUST KNIT!  It’s cables, it will be good practice for that sweater that I still haven’t started.  Next in line there is a bag of candy, including some Tootsie Rolls which wont’ be around much longer.  Also a Hogwart’s certificate with my name Bella Shacklebolt!  LOVE IT. 

Now, I know you’re wondering, what about that fuzzy blue thing…well, his name is Earl.   I LOVE Earl.  Earl is my new pal.  He sits on my desk watching intently while I blog.  Here’s a pic…


Don’t you just love him.  In the “package” picture I hadn’t quite figured out that he had a face.  I thought those brown things were his eyes, turns out they are his feet so in the “package” picture, he’s laying on his back!  Sorry Earl.

Last but not least, and not pictured is a dishcloth/washcloth.  It is in Ravenclaw book colors and the best way to describe it is a brick wall.  I know that there is a name for the pattern, but I can’t remember what it is.  The bricks are blue and the grout is bronze.  I think I may have to fight Scott for this….unless I make him his own.

So there it is…my wonderful HSKS6 package.  What a great semester.  Ravenclaw won the House Cup for the first time in HSKS history AND I have a wonderful package to boot!

Good mail day.



  1. what a lovely day!!

    i think one of my kids asked for rock star. i’m betting it isn’t coming…

  2. Mom said,

    What a great day. Somehow the picture of you and Scott as Paul and Ringo makes me really laugh. But it sounds like you got a good workout. Our tree is up so now must wrap packages.

  3. Jen D said,

    You have another package coming!!!!…

  4. Jen D said,

    I just noticed you have Pete’s song on your pic! Wanted Dead or Alive…that’s his “rockin” song!! Oh my…

  5. Hermione said,

    Ooooo! I really like your bag! I’ve been putting off making one myself…always too busy making for other people, you know! LOL Great kit!!! And I LOVE Earl! 🙂

  6. sjsmart said,

    I love packages Jen so bring it on! : )

    Me rockin’ isn’t such a strange site, I’ve been know to sing a karaoke song or two in my time….Scott on the other hand – on guitar…CLASSIC!

    Monica – maybe for a family valentine’s gift. It is REALLY FUN! The only downside is that some of the songs are really obscure…the more you sing, the more you unlock. Lot’s of them are songs I’ve never heard of. One of the guys says that I can buy more popular songs though…looking in to that now.

    Thanks for the snow tip!

  7. Angela said,

    It’s the Ballband dishcloth from the Mason-Dixon book. Glad the package got there safely!!! – Andromeda 🙂

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