December 13, 2008

Deciphere the Canticles of the Yuletide Season (Guess the Songs of Christmas)

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I found this game over at Robin’s Christmas Cookie Exchange page.  Each of the following represents the title of a popular Christmas Song.  Have fun and you can check your answers here.  Thanks to Debby Griffith for submitting this game to Robin’s page.

It was my intention to play this at the Cookie Exchange today, but everyone was having such a good time socializing that we really didn’t need it.  The Cookie Exchange was a huge success.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and said what a great idea it was.  I hope that they continue to have cookie exchanges at whatever post they are at next year and following years.  It’s such a great way to get together and bring a little bit of holiday spirit to those who may be in need (namely – ME).

1. Exclamation, Member of the Round Table with missing areas.

2. Boulder of the Tinkling Metal Spheres.

3. Vehicular Homicide was Committed on Dad’s Mom by a Precipitous Darling.

4. Wanted in December: Top Forward Incisors.

5. The Apartment of Two Psychiatrists.

6. The Lad is a Diminutive Percussionist.

7. Sir Lancelot with Laryngitis.

8. Cup-shaped Instruments Fashioned of a Whitish Metallic Element.

9. Exclamation, Small Israeli Urban Center.

10. Far Off in a Hay Bin.

11. Kong, Lear, and Cole — That’s Us !

12. Duodecimal Enumeration of the Passage of the Yuletide Season.

13. Leave the Broadcast from an Elevation.

14. Our Fervent hope is that you thoroughly Enjoy your Yuletide Season

15. Listen, the Winged Heavenly Messengers are Proclaiming Tunefully.

16. Jubilation to the Entire Terrestrial Globe.

17. Do You Perceive the Same Vibrations that Stimulate My Auditory Sense Organs?

18. Parent was Observed Osculating a Red Coated Unshaven Teamster.

19. May the Deity Bestow an Absence of Fatigue to Mild Male Humans.

20. An Event that Arrived on a Cloudless Witching Hour.

21. Uncouth Dolf with the Flaming Proboscis is Aware of the Nature of Precipitation.

22. As the Guardians of the Woolly Animals Protected their Charges in the Dark Hours.

23. I beheld a Trio of Nautical Vessels Moving in this Direction.

24. Small, Wingless, Bloodsucking Insect that has a Pater in the Armada.

25. Punch out the Passages



  1. Carol Czina said,

    What, no photos of the festivities, or even of the cookies?! Or of the dog trying to inspect the cookies?

  2. sjsmart said,

    I know, I know. I have them, but I can’t post them. Scott and his friend have been playing with my computer and now I can’t do anything.

  3. Mom said,

    I am taking this to work. Should keep us laughing for a while.

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