December 14, 2008

On the House

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , , at 11:00 pm by Jenn

Tonight we resumed our Sunday night dinner ritual with our friends.  For the most part still the same players except that I was the only female.  Tonight we tried the new Spanish tapas restaurant, El Mirasol.  My review follows.

The food was excellent, and the sangria was very good.  The wait staff was attentive and English was well spoken and understood.  The restrooms were clean with FLUSHABLE toilets, ample paper products, soap and hot water.  The restaurant wasn’t overly busy, our table and two other tables of two during our dinner.  That’s it.  You people just don’t know what you are missing.

Each of the four of us ordered a few tapas a piece and were prepared to share between us.  As the tapas arrived and we were pleasantly surprised we increased our orders… There were four of us drinking and eating and our bill came to around 170 manat.  Just before we asked for the check, our waiter came to our table with a pitcher of sangria and announced that it was “on the house”, now this is pretty much unheard of in Baku, at least in my experience.  Good food, good drink, customer service and customer appreciation!  Way to go El Mirasol.  I’ll be telling all my friends about you and I will be returning for dinner….probably next week.

As we were leaving we all thanked our waiter and said, “Please don’t close”.  Hopefully they’ll be there next week, I still want to try the paella.


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