December 31, 2008

с новым годом

Posted in Journal at 8:02 pm by Jenn

Or in English, Happy New Year’s Eve.  It’s snowing like crazy here in Baku today.  This is our second consecutive day of snow.  Yesterday there was a pretty good accumulation, but today it’s really been coming down on and off all day.  Right now it looks like a blizzard out there.  Thankfully I have my heavy down parka all ready to go.  There’s still one more Max potty break left in the day. 

This is the Azerbaijani holiday called the Day of Solidarity.  I think that this post by Ayten gives a pretty accurate description of what the holiday is all about.  There’s also a wonderful picture of one of the government buildings in Baku.  I don’t know how recent it is because there is no snow, but it sure is pretty down there at night.



  1. Mom said,

    What a gorgeous building. We re fonduing this evening. Can’t barbq as the wind as awful. It’s now 2009 where you are Happy New Year.

    I need to have a fondue party once Scott is feeling better. Maybe when we get back from our trip. I’ll smuggle back some white cheddar from Germany. The bread here is GOOD, but the cheddar not so good!

  2. […] to Walk in Stilettos reminds its readers that New Year's Eve is also the Day of Solidarity in Azerbaijan while back in Georgia, Wu Wei […]

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