January 6, 2009


Posted in Journal at 11:19 pm by Jenn

We found out today that we’ll know about our next assignment early next week.  We’ll be on vacation and I told Scott that I’ll either be really drunk after we find out or really drunk after we find out! 

I FINALLY finished that Baby Surprise Jacket!  I am NEVER going to knit another one of those things with multiple colors of yarn.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in the end I had so many ends to sew it that it was maddening.  I finished that tonight and I will block it tomorrow then sew the buttons on, then it’s ready to send of to little Kate.  I’m going to call it Kate’s Coat of Many Colors and you’ll see why when I post the pictures tomorrow.  It’s not really little girly, but it’s cute.

With the BSJ out of the way I had to decide what to tackle next…I decided to finish spinning the corridale that my Mom gave me for Christmas.  I have 3 more bunches of roving and then I’ll have officially finished spinning enough roving in to yarn that I’ll have enough for a project…maybe one of the Unoriginal Hats if my needles ever get here.  I’ll finish the spinning up tomorrow and then I think I’m on to the Palindrome.

Gotta run.  I’ve got mice to catch!



  1. Carol Czina said,

    OK, now you’ve done it. I have started playing Mousehunt and who knows where this will lead. Certainly not to my finishing my sweater….Oh, rats. A Dwarf mouse just ate the cheese and got away…

    You’ll have to time the finishing of a row with the tooting of the horn!

  2. oh, yeah?? well all I can manage to get done in a day is tooting my horn!! thanks!

    It’s better to toot your own horn than for it not to be tooted at all!

  3. Jen D said,

    You and those MICE! Jenn….too much. I look forward to hearing where you will be going next 🙂

    Those mice are FUN! I’ll keep you posted.

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