January 20, 2009

January 20th

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If I were in the United States, I’d undoubtedly be attending the Inaguration of Barack Obama today.  I’m not in the United States however, I’m in Azerbaijan where January 20th holds a different meaning.  In Azerbaijan, January 20th is a National Day of Mourning. 

When I first heard this, I thought that it must be a day when loved ones are remembered.  In a round about sort of way I guess it is.  In Azerbaijan, January 20th is a day to reflect upon the tragedy that occured in this country on January 19th and 20th, 1990.  It’s called “Black January“.

There’s a memorial cemetery here in Baku called Martyr’s Alley.  I’ve not been, but I’ve heard many stories about it.  I know that many people will visit Martyr’s Alley today.  I can’t even begin to imagine what I will see when I visit Martyr’s Alley, hopefully later this week.  Though I’ve seen pictures, I imagine that in person it will leave a great impression on me.

Tonight, at 9pm Baku time, 12 noon EST I will be watching Barack Obama take the oath and become our next President of the United States, another event that will leave a lasting impression on me.  I’m so proud of Americans for making this choice for our future.  In just a few short hours we’ll be seeing the first glimpses of that future.



  1. A very neat embodiment of the broader light and shade of life.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my post.

  2. Heather said,

    It is a very historic day (an very historic? – it never sounds right). We, however, are not going out in the cold to witness it. We did our part by voting for change, now we’ll watch from the warm living room – that part can go on without us!!


    A historic, and I don’t blame you for wanting to be warm. It’s cold there lately!

  3. […] to Walk in Stilettos also remarks on the day, coming as it did as Obama was sworn into office while “Side-tALKS” Azerbaijan reflects […]

    Thanks for the mention! It’s flattering to have someone link to my blog.

  4. Heather said,

    This is from Mom to both of you. It’s AN HISTORIC and a very historic.

    Sorry Mom but I have to disagree with you on this one. Since HISTORIC doesn’t have an unsounded H it follows the rule that you use the word “a” with words that start with consonants and the word “an” with words that start with vowels and words that start with a silent/unsounded H like honorable.

    And yes it was a very historic day, no matter what!

  5. […] to Walk in Stilettos takođe pominje ovaj dan pošto je pao na isti dan kada je Obama položio zakletvu, dok “sIDe-tALKs” Azerbaijan […]

  6. Tierty said,

    Классно всё: и картинка ,и информация

    Translation: Cool pictures and information.
    Thank you!

  7. Moulsiop said,

    А Вы не задумывались о том, чтобы параллельно завести еще один блог, на смежную тему? У Вас неплохо получается

  8. Rismhimi said,

    Спасибо за статью.. Актуально мне сейчас.. Взяла себе еще перечитать.

  9. nisioreomymn said,

    Я бы сказала о монументальности, грандиозности некоторых сюжетов. А назвала бы – “нефильтрованный реал”. На мой взгляд, красота – это все-таки другое: лучшее, чистое, избранное, заставляющее трепетать и поражаться. Можно найти красоту во всем, но всё скопом – не есть красота. Имхо.

  10. momJoymn said,

    Огромное вам пасибо! а еще посты на эту тему будут в будущем? Очень жду!

  11. pusbapeuff said,

    Спасибо за статью. Восхищена как всегда

  12. Ricstoots said,

    Прочитал, конечно, далеко от моей темы. Но, все же, можно с вами сотрудничать. Как вы сами относитесь к доверительному управлению?

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