January 22, 2009


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Today one of the women from the embassy hosted a carpet show.  A local carpet vendor came to her house with about 15 carpets new and old and displayed them for us with the hopes of making some sales.  This isn’t the first carpet show he’s done for us.  I’ve been to two others and liked a lot of the carpets that I saw, but none enough to buy…until today.

Today I actually saw 4 carpets that I was interested in.  Now I don’t know if it’s because I’ll be leaving here soon that I was so ready to buy a carpet or if it’s because it’s winter and the floors are so cold here.  Either way, I ended up purchasing one carpet and one mule/horse bag.

The mule/horse bags are really neat.  They are made of woven wool, and hang across the mule/horse.  They have a large pocket on each side for storing whatever needs storing when you are riding a mule/horse.  I haven’t been doing much mule/horse riding these days, but they sure are neat to hang on a wall or over a staircase railing, chair, etc.

Here’s a picture.  Right now I have it laid across a table as a runner, but the pictures show it draped over a chair so that you can really get a look at the pattern and colors.



This is a picture of the carpet.  Max claimed it for his own right away, but I had other plans for it.  This rug is a Zili which means it is pileless (not plush).  I love the pattern.  It kind of looks like a patriotic design in red, white and blue at first glance.  It even looks like it has dollar signs.  When you look more closely you see that it is people and animals, I’m assuming some sort of hunting scene.


Here’s a closer view of the pattern:



The carpet is roughly 4 feet wide by 6 feet long (give or take a few inches in each direction).  It’s the perfect size for an  area rug.  (Mom – the amaryllis that you sent bloomed while we were on vacation.  When we got home the 3rd blossom was just starting to wither.  It looks pretty sad now, but I’m sure it was really pretty when all the blossoms were out.  I’m bummed that I missed it!).

In other news I finished my Unoriginal Hat  last night.  Unfortunately, it was WAY too small.  I did manage to gift it to a woman from the embassy who has a 4 month (or so) old little baby girl.  She was really appreciative, but boy was I disappointed that it didn’t fit.  It was SOOO cute.  I started this hat once before and ripped it out because there was no way it was going to fit.  I switched from size 7 to size 10 needles and it was STILL too small.  I’m going to make another one, hopefully in the right size this time.  I need to do some research on gauge and actually maybe make a swatch this time…wish me luck.

Here’s a picture of the finished hat.




  1. Eva said,

    Excellent carpet selection (adorable model, too!). I’m a big fan of rugs from that part of the world, and I’ve never seen anything like that. Very unusual, lots of detail for a kilim — I really like the angular composition of the birds.

    This actually isn’t a kilim – though he had one of those too and I loved it, someone else loved it before I did….he’s on the lookout for me. This is a Zili and it differs from a Kilim in that while it is called a pileless carpet it actually does have a little “fur” on the topside where a kilim is the same feel/fiber texture on both sides…does that make sense? And you are right about the pattern, the kilim’s (all 4 of them) that I’ve seen don’t have as much detail.

  2. Jessica said,

    Beautiful carpet! And great hat as well.

    Thanks for the needles. I can’t wait to start my fingerless mittens so I can have warm hands at work!

    Thanks, and good luck with your project.

  3. Dear Jenn, thank you very much for writing about Azerbaijan and visiting my blog!

    Best wishes,


    Thank you Ayten!

  4. Dear Jenn, I also wanted to invite you to my group in facebook called Azerbaijan on Internet but couldn’t figure out your email address…

    I will find your group on Facebook.

  5. Jen D said,

    The hat was cute, you were right! My MIL showed me her knitting needles that looked like rockets…huge plastic white ones with red tips. I never laughed so hard. How do you knit w/needles that big?

    LOL! Big needles are actually fun. You can do a lot of fun projects quickly with big needles and thick yarn!

  6. Heather said,

    Great hat!!!!

    It is cute. I think I’m going to try adding a pattern repeat with the same size needles…I think that should do it!

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