January 28, 2009

Not Again!

Posted in Journal at 9:55 pm by Jenn

Webster defines nemesis as “asource of harm or ruin”.  That’s exactly what the Kreb’s Cycle is to me…my nemesis.  Nothing has caused me more grief, sleepless nights or poor grades than the Kreb’s Cycle.  I thought that when I finished my last class of biochemistry that I would never have to face this demon again…but I was wrong.  It reared it’s ugly head again today.  This time in Advanced Nutrition, my first class toward my Master’s Degree.  I guess I’d better stop procrastinating and get this lecture over with. 

Here’s a picture of the ugly monster.  Isn’t it scary?

Now, if anyone can tell me song or an easy way to remember this beast I will be eternally grateful.  This metabolic pathway is churning away inside each an every one of us right now.  It is the second stage of a three stage process necessary to break glucose down to produce energy.



  1. Mom said,

    Oh Oh where is Ardie when you need him most??

    Good question! : )

  2. Jessica said,

    Okay, I’ve got a mnemonic device for you:


    At (the)
    Is (a)

    Okay, it doesn’t make alot of sense … but it’s a start!

    LOL, thanks Jess!

  3. Jessica said,

    (Yikes, I read my notes wrong … last letter is “O” not “D.” That’s a stumper.) Okay, rewrite:

    Sugar, and
    Salt – but don’t
    Other ingredients.

    Okay, that kind of stinks too. But at least they are the right letters this time 🙂

    You are good at this. Thanks for the ideas, they will help.

  4. Jen D said,

    You can do it! Getting it out of the way early too, good idea:) Jessica has some good rhyming ideas. It’s gonna work.

    Good rhyming ideas, so it will be easy to remember the names of the products, but how the heck will I remember the rest. I’ve done it before though so I guess by some miracle I suppose, I’ll do it again! : )

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