February 3, 2009

What’s in a name?

Posted in Journal tagged , , , at 3:35 pm by Jenn

Today we had our weekly crafters/knitting meeting and it was a lot of fun.  There were 6 of us total.  We managed to get one person started on knitting and one person started on crochet.  They both seemed to pick it up really quickly and were doing pretty well at the end of the meeting.  Hopefully they’ll both be back next week ready to learn a new stitch or two.

We had some really funny conversations and the funniest by far for me was about names.  We talked about how there’s always more than one Jennifer in a group (in our knitting group there are two Jenn’s), we talked about odd spellings and nicknames and then one person brought up the name Le-a.

How would you say this name? 

I said, as did the rest of the group Leah.  WRONG.  This name would be Le.dash.a, “the – don’t be silent”.  LOL.  Yep, Le.dash.a.  WOW.  What the hell were this girl’s parents thinking?  Even better, how many times has this girl said, “the – don’t be silent”?  Classic.

The only thing that cracked me up more than Le-a was the same woman talking about her husband jokingly saying (after hearing the Le-a story) that he wanted to name their next child M~a.  Can you guess?  Matilda?  LOL.  I wonder if Le-a’s parents have more kids?  Want more kids?  M~a would be a great fit it seems.

And to think, back in 1999 I thought having four Shenequa’s on my temporary employee call list was riot!

What’s the funniest name you’ve heard?  Bet it doesn’t beat Le-a.  And Le-a if you or your parents are reading this…thanks for making my day!



  1. Jessica said,

    Sorry I missed the group today. One of these weeks I’ll be able to sneak away from work!

    You were missed. We want to start the evening group soon….

  2. capitana42 said,

    I don’t have a name as great as L-a, but have you heard Lemonjello and Orangejello? (pronounced le-MON-jello, with a French accent) There was a story going around my high school that a parent named her twins that…

    A science teacher I worked with also told me a story about a time he subbed in an interesting public school somewhere in Detroit, and calling roll and getting to a name spelled “Shithead.” He asked her how it was pronounced and she said “Shi-THEED.” I highly doubt the truth of that story, but its still funny…

    My aunt worked in a labor and delivery unit in Washington DC and used to have TONS of great stories similar to this. I’ll have to get some of those and post them for a few laughs. Thanks for posting!

  3. Eva said,

    i’ve always been a fan of the name “Scientific Mapp,” who’s a guy who played college basketball along with his brother, Majestic.

    Love it!

  4. Mom said,

    And growing up I always thought Lulu Belle was the worst. On her 100th birthday I think even she would be glad to have it as compared to others!!!!!

    I thought about her when I was typing this post. 100 years old. She sure is missed.

  5. Cat said,

    Actually, Orangejello and Lemonjello are an urban myth.

    I’m willing to bet Le-a is, too, but no one really knows as of yet.

    Well if it isn’t true (and it sounds like it isn’t) that’s fortunate for the poor girl. At least I had a great laugh ALL DAY LONG and hopefully other people did too.

  6. Jen D said,

    Jenn, I had a temp named Siobhan. I said “Si-ho-bi-hawn”…quite wrong! It’s the Irish spelling for ‘Shivon’.

    Yeah, definitely wrong.

  7. Angie said,

    When I was substitute teaching I had a little 3rd grade girl whose name was Uneek. Like, unique. So. So. Sad.

    That reminds me of the punchline to a joke….you neek up on it….I think the joke was how do you catch a unicorn?

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