February 4, 2009

Random thoughts from my day

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , at 8:13 pm by Jenn

I have a lot of nothing to say today, but some of it is kind of interesting and all of it is a way of me procrastinating to keep from reading the six journal articles that I have to read on High Fructose Corn Syrup.

First, my day started with a big let down.  Le-a, may be an urban legend.  Thanks to Cat who commented my post from yesterday for bringing that to my attention.  I actually am relieved that there may not be a Le-a out there somewhere…regardless of whether she’s out there or not, urban legend or not it’s still funny as hell.

Second. I’ve run in to a bit of a snafoo with my sweater.  Not really a snafoo, but a “hmm, what should I do”.  I’ve tried to call my mom for two days and she isn’t answering at home.  I can never remember what her days off are…mom if you are reading this (or Heather) call me!  PLEASE!  LOL.

Third.  Since I am not knitting on my sweater that means I need to be working on something and I bought this yummy fiber from Copperpot Woolies on Etsy….hmm, nothing says procrastination like handspinning.  I think I’ll join the February Challenge for the Spindlers group on Ravelry…yeah, that’s what I’ll do.  This months theme – Mardi Gras.  Here’s the fiber


and my inspiration, mardi gras beads


basically all I need to do is turn this in to yarn by the end of the month.  FUN!

Fourth.  Another good time taker upper is home cooking.  Chicken soup sounded good.  Uh oh, no celery…I’ll walk to all the markets within a safe walking distance and search for celery.  Yeah, that’s what I did.  I didn’t find celery, but I found leeks.  That worked.  The soup was yummy and in my continued effort to procrastinate I made it cream of chicken with rice.

Fifth.  I took my camera on my walk.  I usually take my camera.  I didn’t take a picture of the Lada loaded with apples and oranges.  I should have.  I didn’t take a picture of the live fish swimming in the dishpan.  I should have.  I passed up this next opportunity and then thought better of it, turned around, went back and took a picture.  What is it a picture of?


Why yes, that is an animal hoof.  What kind of animal you ask?  Well, I don’t know because the rest of the animal is no where to be found….there’s just this part, my guess is that it used to be a sheep. Now this part is just laying there.  In my walking path.  One more reason I don’t walk my dog outside of the apartment grounds.

I take my camera with me to document things such as this so that when I get comments on my blog like this one from Mammadov I can just shake my head. “It is simply crazy to hear such words about your capital city… What the hell you were doing in Baku?”.  This comment was to my post of May 20th titled First Impressions.  You can read my comment to Mammadov there.  And just in case Mammadov is reading this post, this city is crazy, and lamb legs on the side walk are crazy…so there!

Sixth.  American Idol is coming on so I’ve got to get going!  LOL.  Actually I have read two six articles today.  There’s only so much High Fructose Corn Syrup info I can handle in a day.



  1. Mom said,

    I wonder what happened to the wool from that hoof???????

    I need to work on finding those wool shops in the next few weeks. I don’t want to miss out.

  2. Heather said,

    Or the blood? Sorry, that was gross.

    That stuff you are spinning will be very nice!!! I’ve found some purple with gold bits in it to fulfill this challenge. I’m spinning it with my new Bosworth spindle, but wishing I was spinning it on my wheel. So, I’ll only spin a small sample skein, then move on to the wheel for the rest!!!!


    There was no blood either, just the hoof…that’s why it was so random. It would have made sense if there was blood around. Have you posted on the challenge board? I have one spindle full of fiber, I need to take it off and set it then take my picture. I think I want to save the rest for plying. I have about 8 ounces left.

  3. Jen D said,

    Uh, your mom’s comment is making me LOL! You knitters are craaaazzzzy! Huh, hoof you say. I was thinking it looked like ferret!!! How funny is that? Anyway I cannot believe the weird ‘stuff’ you find on the streets of Baku. I am hoping for a nicer place for you next tour 🙂

    Trust me, it’s a hoof. No doubt about it. If they don’t like dogs, I’m almost positive there are no ferrets in Baku. I’m sure there are more strange discoveries out there waiting for me unfortunately.

  4. Angie said,

    That wool looks beautiful!

    And yes, the hoof is crazy.

    Thank you and yes, WAY crazy. lol

  5. Christine said,

    Since when (and where?) did you learn to spin? I’m dying to learn some hand spindle stuff.

    Yeah, the hoof is nasty, but be creative and make a key ring out of it (like a rabbit’s foot). Bet you’d never lose your keys again with that…ha ha ha.

    I learned from youtube.com. It’s relatively easy, the drafting part for me is the most difficult. I’m doing singles only right now til I perfect the drafting and then hoping to move on to plying.

  6. wineymomma said,

    I am so glad to live where I live…the large sort of farm animals (actually–wild boars) that live near me are all intact as far as I know!

    I think if I took up spinning hubby monster might run away from home!

    Try it, you might like it. He won’t run, spinning is therapeutic…and it’s cheaper to spin your own yarn than to buy it so that’s good justificiation too! : )

  7. […] — Jenn @ 12:05 am Tags: humor, life, PG County Some things just look odd.  You know, sheep feet on the sidewalk, aluminium foil on drying racks outside the hair salon and 4 black men on horseback in the median […]

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