February 22, 2009

Carpet Shopping

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Today I did some window shopping for a friend back home.  Carpet window shopping.  Here are a few pictures of what I think she may be looking for.  Red is a really popular color in carpets here so to find one without red was a little challenging.  It was also challenging to find the right size, in new carpets at least.  I didn’t look at any old carpets today.

This carpet is approximately 6 ft x 4.5 ft, from the Guba region, priced around 650 manat (multiply by 1.21 to get approximate USD).


This one is BEAUTIFUL!  It is around 3 m x 2 m so about 9.8ft x 6.5 ft.  It’s a new carpet from the Sheki region and priced around 600 manat.  The colors are a seafoam/olive green with brown and blues. 


This next one is interesting, it’s smaller than the others, actually smaller than she was looking for, but it was green so Samir showed it to me.  This is a new carpet made from old threads from the Khazaq region (not sure about that spelling)…it is around 700 manat


This one is approximately 2m x 1.2 (approx. 6 ft x4 ft) meters and is 350 manat.  Again, much smaller than the size we were asking for, but in the right color combinations.


And finally, this one from the Khazaq region for 800 manat. 


There are so many carpets to choose from.  All of these are sheeps wool and new.  Price can vary drastically depending on the region, technique and age of the carpet.  Older carpets will be priced higher.


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