March 12, 2009

Fiber Restriction

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I’ve been a bad bad girl, and because of that I am putting myself on a fiber restriction.  What could I have done that could be so bad?  Well, today I got the bright idea to update my Ravelry profile to show all of my current yarn stash.  It’s easier to have it all entered in the computer because then when I go to enter a project I don’t have to worry about entering all the data, I can just import it…anyway, I digress.

I had NO IDEA I had that much yarn.  How did that happen?  Where did it come from?  When did it happen?  LOL.

Seriously, I can’t justify spending another dime on fiber of any type for the rest of the year.  Of course I’m going to have to figure a way out of that statement because I plan on attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May and I know there will be all kinds of tempation there.  Ok, that being said, the only place that I will spend money of fiber of any kind is at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  I’d also like to add this clause – I may also purchase any type of fiber in any NEW country that I may visit! : )  There, that should cover it!  : )

SO for those of you that are wondering just how bad it is…

dsc01370 and dsc01372

According to Ravelry, that’s 77+ (I still haven’t entered the stuff on top of the totes or the fleece) stashed items.  I know for a fact that there are more skeins than that because some yarns I have more than one skein.  That’s just 77 different yarns…LOL.   Again, how, where, when, why?

Now, I realize that I don’t have a leg up on some of you “stashers” out there.  And I certainly haven’t gone to this extreme.  It all fits nice and neatly into one of the closets in my bedroom.  Except for those two rubbermaid containers.  Those sit out, tacky I know but they fit nicely in the space right by the door to the room.  Besides, I’m moving soon and they be packed up anyway!

Now, I’ve got to get all that yarn put back in to the closet before Scott gets home.  He’d really have a cow if he knew just exactly how much yarn I have!  : )

How much yarn is in your stash?



  1. Jen D said,

    And I thought you were talking nutrition…Good god girl! You are a hoarder of fiber! May you always have an extra room for your stash LOL!

    : ), I hopefully with have a nice craft room where I can sit and spin and knit and blog and scrapbook and not have to clean up after myself until I want to….that is my dream!

  2. Peg said,

    🙂 Love your yarn stash!! Amazing how it can grow – magically, eh?
    And very wise of you to add those most important clauses….

    The clauses were so very important!

  3. Digger said,

    I found your blog today. I was a member of household when my partner served in Azerbaijan. I have added a link to your blog on my blogroll of FS blogs at

  4. Jessica said,

    Wow … that link is amazing. Could you imagine having a room with that much fiber! I have quite a meager stash. Can’t compete. But since buying up the icky yarn store’s Nako, I’m getting closer …

    thanks again for the tip!

    I am still laughing about the girls chatting about you when you walked in….so funny. You need to learn how to say, “Don’t bother, I can just help myself” in both Russian and Azeri so that next time you can watch their jaws drop! LOL.

  5. Mom said,

    Welcome to our world!!!!!


  6. Angie said,

    You know, it really doesn’t look like that much. I’m shocked that it’s over 77 skeins. Huh. I guess I’m not as spatially oriented as I thought. But it does seem like it would be hard to keep moving with all of that.

    Your stash is bigger than mine. I have a bin that’s about the size of your two bins, and it is crammed full and there’s a little overflow. And then I have a big beach-tote sized bag of fiber. Not bad.

    Good luck on your yarn diet.

  7. Eva said,

    Oh, it adds up all right withour your knowing it. My Ravelry stash tab says 109. Ugh. I’m not proud.

    I went on a yarn fast–not diet–beginning 2009 and plan to stick to it, knitting a ton of socks in the process. When, not if, I make it to December, I’m going to treat myself to yarn for three projects, and then repeat the whole process until my stash gets to a reasonable size.

    109 and you actually knit! I dont’ seem to be finishing much lately! I actually caught myself today thinking about a new yarn that I want and now I’m devising a crafty plan to get it….MUAAAHHHAAAhhhhAAAA!

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