March 16, 2009

Bent? Yes, bent.

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This Saturday was the big game, Smart vs Vasily, under the lights in what would probably be the last game of the season. 

Scott and his friend Andy have been playing flag football here in Baku since the early fall (I think).  Scott tried to get me to play.  Not interested.  “Come on”, he’d say.  “It’s flag football, girls can play”.  I didn’t even consider it, not only do I not have the desire to play sports, I don’t have the desire to watch my husband and his friends relive their youth and risk bodily injury. 

Thankfully it was a fairly injury free season.  We had “the bruise“, a few bumps, a sore hamstring, an aching back and a  couple of strawberries, nothing major…until this week.  

We met over at Andy’s on Saturday after the game.  Scott was in the kitchen with Andy.  I went in and that’s when I saw the sweat pant leg pulled up and the swollen ankle.  Nice.  “I don’t think I broke it”, he said.  “You get no sympathy from me”, was my response.  I didn’t even ask what happened, because I’m such a bitch.  I mean common, it’s flag football right, girls can play right?  Why are these guys banging the shit out of each other?  Why? Oh, because they are guys and they have this hormone called testosterone that renders then complete and total idiots when it comes to playing sports.  Anyway, they were playing on artificial turf and he turned, but his ankle did not…blah blah blah, long story short – he did stop playing after this happened.  Maybe I have a little sympathy for him since he was smart enough not to continue playing on it…I mean he could barely walk. 

He laid around here sucking it up on Sunday.  Asking me questions like “What causes swelling”, “I wouldn’t be able to walk on it if it was broken? Right?” finally I said…why don’t you call to make a Dr’s appointment.  His brother in law had already told him that just because he could walk on it doesn’t mean it wasn’t broken.  I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about since he’s an orthopaedic surgeon and supposedly a pretty good one too. 

In high school Scott broke this same ankle, so it’s weak.  Now it’s bent.  Yes, you read that correctly, bent.  Not sprained, not bruised, not broken…bent.  “Like a twig”, according to the doctor.  I didn’t go to the appointment with him today….I figured it would amount to seeing the doctor, getting and X-ray and then some combination of anti-inflammatory med, ace bandage, cast and crutches.  Now I wish I would have gone.  I don’t know if she was giving Scott the “Scott version” of her diagnosis or if this is some dx I’ve never heard of, it’s possible, I mean, I’m a dietitian not a doctor.  End result of the appointment was Dx: Bent ankle, sent home with half cast to be removed on Monday, 2 meds – Panadol and Docibrel(?) and 1/2 crutches (this according to Scott).  I’m not sure if half crutches means one crutch or a crutches for very short people.  LOL.

I can’t wait til later today when he calls his brother in law (the orthopaedic surgeon) to tell him the news.  I also can’t wait to see the X-rays.   

Never a dull moment around here.


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  1. Christine said,

    Maybe the 1/2 crutches are the funny ones they use here–like polio crutches (guess that’s not so funny). At least they don’t go digging in your armpits.

    Good luck with the bent ankle–better that bent, then something…uh…else.

    Definitely better bent than something else!

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