March 27, 2009

No News is THE PITS!

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , at 7:56 pm by Jenn

We have been waiting, waiting, waiting to hear about our next post and in typical USMC fashion, we still don’t know.  The date has been pushed back AGAIN, now til Monday.  So that means, two more days that I can’t buy a plane ticket home, arrange for movers, blah blah blah BLAH!  Come on Quantico, get with it, people have lives out here on hold, waiting on you.

Today I did manage to make a trip out to the airport bazaar thanks to my friend Missy who offered to drive – Thanks Missy!  Missy’s friend Jenni also joined us and it was a very successful day all around.  We covered a lot of territory, mostly in search of pashmina scarves.  The guy that I normally buy from in row 4 has mysteriously vanished so that meant finding a new pashmina guy, or two.  The first guy that we happened upon had a small selection, but thanks to Jenni’s Azeri language skills I was able to get them for a steal, a LOT cheaper than Row 4 guy so I really didn’t care.  I bought 20 from him and still wanted to get more as those 20 were for my mom’s office.  We did manage to find another guy who had a great selection and again, thanks to Jenni I was able to buy them for much cheaper than Row 4 guy, so basically what I learned at the airport bazaar today is that speaking Azeri will get you further for cheaper in this country for sure.  Jenni saved me 50 manat today, just because she spoke Azeri instead of Russian. 

Another example is the three of us looking at sunglasses, Missy asked the guy, How much (in Russian) and he told her 6 manat, Jenni asked about the same pair not even 3 minutes later and the guy told her 4 manat….he also told her that the price was cheaper for her because she spoke Azeri, NOT Russian.  AMAZING.  I only know two words in Azeri – Hello and cucumber and I don’t think either of those words would get me very far day to day.  I supposed I could have used these past 10 1/2 months to learn a few other words but honestly you can get what you need day to day speaking English or Russian so I didn’t bother.  Now I wish I had, I probably would have saved a TON of money.

The other cool thing that I purchased today were tea cups.  12 of them, purchased in Azerbaijan, made in Belarus at the HEMAHcrystal factory that I visited when I lived in Belarus.  The tea here is always served in a crystal glass, the ones I bought are small and kind of shaped like an hour glass.  I love them and now I have some.  I also purchased the cute little spoons, now I just need to find saucers….hmm….maybe another trip to the bazaar? Oh, and a cream, sugar and jam set : ).



  1. Mom said,

    I wonder if they know how many of us are waiting on them?????? Thanks for getting the shawls. Sounds like you had a good day.

  2. Jen D said,

    Jenn sounds like a great day all around. Glad you were able to get your scarves for your mom-and good stuff for you! I hope you hear your news soon and I sure hope it’s good news for you two:) BTW-I took pashminas to Hawaii and wore them! So beautiful!

  3. Heather said,

    Wow – what a jerk to even ADMIT his prejudices and tell her that he was giving them to her cheaper because of her language skills!! He basically told your other friend that he looked down on her because she didn’t speak his language! How rude.


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