May 21, 2009

Fiber Update

Posted in Journal tagged , at 6:08 pm by Jenn

My spinning isn’t progressing as well as I’d like it too although I’ve been told by my sister and a woman in her spinning group that I’m doing very well.  I just want to make yarn.  GOOD YARN.  All I’ve made so far are singles.  This weekend I’m going to delve into plying and try to come up with a decent two or three ply yarn that I can actually make something wearable out of.

I have spun up a full 8 oz of corriedale.  It has too much twist in it, but it’s my first wheel work so I’ll keep it, and probably make something feltable with it…or I’ll just save it forever to show people “this is my first spun yarn”.  Either way I did it.


I’ve also acquired quite a bit of roving (fiber before it becomes yarn) that I’d like to spin before I leave the US.  We’ll see how I do with that.  I’ve been spinning for the last week on the Ashford Joy and I like it, but I really think it’s just too much wheel for me.  I think I’m going to end up with the Merlin Tree Wheel after all.  I don’t see myself needing more wheel than that for many many years…besides, since I’m not working I can’t justify spending all the extra money for a hobby right now.

Being at home with my mom and sister has been interesting to say the least.  They are both yarn whores and have stashes of yarn that make mine look…well, small!  LOL

My sister and I spent several hours on Sunday evening taking pictures and entering all of her downstairs stash of yarn on to Ravelry (she’s heather219 if you want to check out her stuff).  We got all of the yarn entered, but now I just have to go back and add all the pictures….that’s the slow part.  She still has yarn upstairs in her room that needs to be added but we were both just too tired to finish it on Sunday…one of these days.

My mom also has quite a noteworthy stash, but nothing compared to her quilting stash.  I’m not kidding, she doesn’t ever have to shop for quilting fabric again, though I’m sure she’ll find some reason.  She isn’t on Ravelry so I didn’t get to enter her stuff, but she swears she knows everything that’s in there…yeah right!  LOL.


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  1. Definitely save it. “My first yarn”. In a few weeks, you’ll see the huge difference you’ve made to your spinning! The Ashford Joy was my first wheel and I still love that it folds up and goes into a little bag. Good luck with the spinning!

    Thanks for stopping by Felicia! I am definitely saving my “first yarns”. I like the Joy, but I’m really leaning toward the Hitchhiker as it’s a little more in my price range and very portable too!.

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