May 21, 2009

Paint Your Own

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Last weekend was a rainy weekend so that meant no Airshow and no Washington Post Scavenger Hunt for the boy.  What to do…what to do?  How about paint your own pottery?  Wanna go Auntie Jenn?  Yep, I sure do!

I had seen some really cool yarn bowls that doubled as chop stick bowls at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  I should have gotten one, but I didn’t so instead I ended up painting two at Color Me Mine last Saturday!  One for me and one for Scott.

Zachary needed to make two more end of the year presents for teacher’s at school.  He painted one and my sister painted the other.

Here are a few pics:



After we painted we went for lunch at Chick  Fil A (which tore my stomach up) and then for ice cream at Coldstone Creamery (the smell of the place always makes me want to gag – WAY to much sugar happening in that place).  I did get a kid’s size scoop of chocolate in a cup because it had been a LONG TIME since I’d had real ice cream.  It was good…..then as we walked up the block we saw it…BEN AND JERRY’s….boy was I pissed.  I could have had a little taste of Vermont : (

We ended up at the center of the City Place Mall.  There was music playing, and the kids fountain was flowing so we sat and watched Zachary “not get wet” in the fountain.


We also witnessed a woman “getting her groove on” all by herself right there in the city center.  God bless the USA!  I’m not sure if she had been nipping a little of the good stuff, or was just really “feeling” the music, but whatever the reason it was very entertaining.

There was also a fundraiser event for Sheperd’s Table in progress so a band was getting ready to start and there were games and face painting for the kids.

What a great area, and what a great day.



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  1. sjsmart said,

    You got great pics of the pottery/fountain day! Very nice!


    **from Heather signed is as me!

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