June 27, 2009

It Never Hurts to Ask

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A few weeks ago when I learned that Max the dog would not be able to travel with me to Chile this summer I started asking around to see if there were any part time jobs in the area.

Lo and behold, there was a part time position open with DaVita (my old company) less than an hour away from my parents house, part time through October!  What a find.  I contacted the Regional Point RD and it seems like a perfect fit.

I’ve applied for my MD license (RD’s need to be licensed to practice in most states) and now I just have to wait to see when I start.  YAY me, and YAY Max!  Now I can justify staying in the states a while longer (earning good money) and Max won’t have to fly all by himself to Chile in the fall as cargo – costing me money – he can fly as excess baggage.  It will also give me peace of mind knowing that I didn’t just drop my dog on my parents door step for 4 months!

The downside to this is of course that Scott and I will be apart AGAIN, but we’ve had lots of practice in that area so it kind of seems normal.


June 26, 2009

RIP Michael. RIP Farrah.

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Today I had planned to blog about my trip to the National Mall to see the Folklife Festival, but instead it is with great sorrow that I am posting about the deaths of two American icons.

I was not surprised this evening when I logged on to the computer and saw the headline that Farrah Fawcett had died from her long battle with cancer.

I was SHOCKED when NBC News opened tonight with the news that Michael Jackson had died.  I just can’t believe it!

Now the tributes are starting and rightfully so.  Both of these individuals were such a part of my childhood.  It is sad that they are gone.  I wish their families peace in the upcoming days.

June 22, 2009

Swimming N Dye

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Caution – Lots of pictures.

Saturday was a very eventful day and officially the end of birthday week.  After the accident on Wednesday, I definitely needed a little pick me up and Saturday (and Thursday night crabs with Michelle, Anne, Mike, Luke and Heather) did just that.

The day started off at Zachary’s first swim meet.  He was scheduled to swim in 3, 25 meter races (0ne length of the pool).  This baffled me because just two weeks earlier he had to be bribed to even jump in to the pool and I really doubted that he’d be able to do it.  I arrived at a little past 8:00am to find a large crowed gathered for the meet – Brandywine Wave vs Kingfish Swim Club.  Zachary was scheduled for race #11, #21 and #39.  They were on race 4 and with the gray sky it wasn’t looking too promising.  Then about race 6 the rain started, just a gentle rain but it was raining all the same.  I thought for sure they would stop the meet, but NOPE – no thunder, no lightening means RACE IS ON!  LOL.  So, there I stood with at least a hundred other people. in. the. rain. waiting. for my number to come up.

Finally, the time came…time for race 11, and you know what?  He did it.  He jumped in, swam the 25 meters (freestyle) and finished the race.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought, “this can’t be the same kid that just 2 weeks ago wouldn’t jump in to the pool”, but it was – my nephew the swimmer!  And here’s a picture or two of the big day –


This is Zachary competing in the 25 meter freestyle. This was his first official swim team race and he finished!


This is Zachary finishing the 25 meter breaststroke.  Now he was disqualified in this race because he touched the bottom at some point during the race, but hey, he finished, which is more than I gave him credit for so I’m super proud and can’t wait to see another meet!  Way to go Zachary!

My sister and I left after this race to head off to a Dye Workshop that Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co., was hosting at her studio.  We arrived late mostly due to getting lost a few times, but we arrived!  Just as we arrived the rain started coming down in BUCKETS!  It was unbelievable.  I can’t believe the amount of rain that we’ve had here since I’ve been home at the end of April.  If it keeps up we are going to need arks for transportation soon!

There were two other women participating in the workshop – Lina and Jo.  Both were super nice and created some really lovely yarn.  I was so impressed with everyone’s color choices and designs.  Here are a few pictures from the workshop


This is one of Lina’s skeins, it reminded me of a cheetah – it was BEAUTIFUL!


This is Jo painting up a skein of semi-solid.


This is the board that we wound our yarn on to in preparation for dying in the self striping pattern.  Each sideways V makes a stripe.  The board is pretty neat, it’s made with hooks about 15″ apart or equal to one round of knitting on your needles and yarn (width) and 2″ apart (height), the hooks are also staggered by about 1″ from left to right.  Really creative and there is an online tutorial here


This is Heather, painting up some self striping sock yarn.


Some of the dye we used.


A view of the stash in Karida’s studio!  It was quite a sight to behold – and quite dangerous for the wallet.


These are Heather’s stripy sock yarn in brown and orange and her self striping yarn that came off of the board.


This picture is sideways, but…the top yarn is 8oz of Supersock – Superwash Merino, dyed in brown and a tealish green with a splash of purple and a bit of white yarn peeking through….it’s mine and I plan to make some sort of shawl.

The middle skein is my semisolid – Watershed which is Merino 70% and Seacell 30%.  I used a navy blue and then applied a darker ink color blue over the top….I lurv it.  4oz and not sure what I plan to do with it….socks?  maybe.

The bottom skein is Heather’s – for a shawl – a great teal color blue/green with purple dots here and there throughout – I think she was trying to do a Creatively Dyed type look – and it worked!  It’s great….I might have to try this technique soon!


And this is my self striping sock in the same Watershed blend as the semisolid blue – 4oz.

So there you have it.  We each had 12 ounces of yarn that we had dyed at the end of the session – plush whatever we wanted to buy from Karida’s stash!  I’ll save the stash pics for later because some of them were purchased with SP14 in mind!  Shhh.

June 18, 2009

People Suck

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I am extremely disappointed in my fellow man today.  No all of you, just the ones who saw the horrible accident I was in yesterday, yet decided that not stopping to see if everyone was ok, or to leave a contact number so that you could be a witness to the accident, would be the best thing.  I’d just like to say for the record – YOU SUCK!  I hope that you are never in a situation that necessitates you counting on anyone to lend you a helping hand because what goes around comes around you know!

Whew, I feel better with that off my chest and now for the story behind that little rant.

Yesterday evening I was heading from Bowie to Chesapeake Beach to meet my girlfriends for crabs, when I was involved in a car accident.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but it was horrible all the same and quite an ordeal.  I’m sure it will wind up in court at some point.  Here’s what happened –

I was travelling south bound in the left hand lane on 301 near the intersection at Old Central Avenue.  Next thing I know there is a car in front of me, SIDEWAYS – out of now where.  I’m really not sure where he came from, but I do know that there was no way possible for me NOT to hit him, and hit him I did, going about 40-50 miles an hour. Broadside.

His car was pushed off to the side of the road, facing oncoming southbound traffic, but in the grass, where Old Central Avenue meets 301s.  My car, did not stop immediately in spite of the fact that I was braking.  My purse had flown off the seat and was under the petal, so I wasn’t able to fully apply the break.  Once I managed to retrieve my purse, I could stop.

Once I stopped, I paused for a second…waiting for the airbag that should have deployed on impact, but didn’t.  The hazards did come on by themselves which I thought was interesting.  Anyway, my next thought was about the person I had hit.  I looked in my review mirror and saw the car, it didn’t look good.  I got out and started to walk toward the car…no one else was stopping, but cars were slowed down looking.  ASSHOLES!

As I approached the car many visions of what I would find were racing through my mind, thankfully when I arrived at the car, I found an intact 20 something male, who was able to speak to me to tell me that he was ok.  Once I established that I asked him, “What the hell were you doing”, his reply, “I didn’t see you”.  I said something like, “You came out of nowhere!”, “You just can’t do stuff like that”.  He did not reply.

I saw that he had his cell phone on his lap (is that why he didn’t see me?) so I asked him to please call 911.  He did. He then let me use his phone to call my parents to ask them to come pick me up – the car was not drivable, and to let Michelle know that I would not be able to make it for crabs.

The first responder was a PG County officer.  Nice guy.  Surprised that my airbag did not deploy…in fact stunned would be a better word.  He stayed until the ambulance and fire crew arrived…maybe til the MD State Trooper arrived – I can’t remember.

MD State Trooper was super nice too until he said he was going to “have to charge me with the accident, because I hit him”.

That did not make me happy, in fact, it pissed me off.  I asked why I was being charged and he said that I was at fault because I hit him.  He then went on to say, that because he did not witness the accident and that there were no other witnesses I had to be charged.  He also told me that I could go to court and let a judge hear the case.  At that point, I said, “well you do what you need to do”.  He walked away and went to talk to the young man (who was still in his car).  I got my camera and started taking pictures.  The fact that I was being charged with the accident and thinking about going to court with no witnesses – I knew I’d better at least have some pictures.

The trooper then came back to me and asked me again what happened.  I started to tell him, “I was traveling south on 301” – he stopped me and said, “Were you in front of or behind him”.  I said, “Neither” – he cam from my right side in front of me” – The officer looked confused so I turned and faced the intersection and told him again, “I was traveling south on 301, in the left had lane and he appeared in front of me.  I don’t know where he came from, but he had to come from Old Central Avenue.”  The officer told me, “he says he was traveling south on 301”, I said, “well he couldn’t have been if he was sideways in front of me”.  He then said, “we could be here all day trying going back and forth” and then went to fill out the paperwork.

At some point I said  (which I probably shouldn’t have, but did),  “Well, you look like a smart guy and I think that when you look at the cars and look at the damage you will agree that there was no way he could have been traveling south and have that kind of damage to his car.”  Then I said, has the law changed that the person traveling on the main highway no longer has the right of way?  Doesn’t traffic entering the highway have to yield to oncoming traffic?”  He said nothing and I walked away.

Lots more dialouge transpired.  At some point early in all this my parents arrived, later the tow trucks came, the guy’s friend arrived to give him a ride, etc.  The trooper in the end did charge the young man with the accident, but that is not what is important, what is important is that both of us were able to walk away intact from the accident – alive.

Now, I’m a lot sore today and I’m sure he is too.  I still haven’t gotten to eat crabs with my girlfriends which is a major bummer!  Thankfully they take rainchecks.

Oh, and one funny thing about the whole incident is that at some point during impact my headband came out of my hair so I was walking around with my “fro” in full effect probably looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket….LOVELY!  LOL.

And for Scott – here’s a few pictures of the carsDSCN0055



June 17, 2009

Lordy Lordy Jenn is 40

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So far so good, and for the record, I”m not officially 40 for about another 2 hours.  The day has been good so far…Mom and I went to Curves this morning, then to Home Depot to buy plants for yard.  Then back to the house for lunch, spaghetti leftover from last night!  YUM.

Mom took off for the commissary and I decided to stay home and follow up on a potential temporary job here in Maryland covering for an RD who is going out of maternity leave.  The call went well, the position is right up my alley – Renal Dietitian, part time – now I just need to convince Scott that I need to stay in the US til the fall….maybe easier said than done.

After the call I decided to head back to Kohl’s, this time to Bowie – in search of bedding for the king sized bed that we have in Chile.  I found the perfect set in Waldorf, but alas they were out of the King.  Today must be my lucky day because I found it in Bowie!  SCORE!  BIG SALE!  HUGE SAVINGS!  LOVE LOVE LOVE KOHL’s.

Now I’m back at home getting ready to chow down on taco salad with the fam.  Looking forward to crabs with the girls tomorrow night.

June 15, 2009

Goodbye Thirties

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Today is my last day of being a thirty something!  Tomorrow at 7:36pm (and not one second before) I will officially become a member of the Fabulous Forties!  It’s hard to imagine myself as 40.  A few years, not so long ago 40 was OLD.  Now it doesn’t seem so bad.  Funny how that happens isn’t it?

I don’t have any really big plans for the big day.  I’ve requested Taco Salad for dinner and hopefully there will be a Carvel Ice Cream cake.  Other than that I don’t really need anything.

Scott got me a new camera….a Nikon CoolPix S220.  I would have preferred to have a camera with more zoom, but hey, I have a new camera!  It’s a funky purple color and super small and lightweight.  I used it yesterday for geocaching and it was simple to use.  Now, I just need to sit down and read the manual so that I don’t have the same “issues” with this one that I had with the last~!  I still have pictures on that stupid thing that I can’t get off!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to buy myself a spinning wheel in honor of turning 40.  My mom has graciously offered to contribute to the fund so that is much appreciated.  Now I just need to decide what to buy.  I’m still waiting to give Heather’s Hitchhiker a spin (pun intended)!  I’m leaning toward the Roadbug by the same maker.  It is identical to the Hitchhiker with the exception of the hand handle part….that doesn’t exist on the Roadbug.

Heather and I also signed up for a dye class this weekend with Karida of Neighborhood Fiber Co.  $120 for the class but we come home with knowledge and 4 skeins of yarn that we have dyed using our new smarts.   Last time I checked there was still a slot or two open in the class so if you are in the MD/DC/VA area and interested in participating, pop on over to Etsy and sign up!  It should be a fun day and a perfect way to wind down birthday week.

Of course,  no birthday week would be complete without CRABS!  I’m planning to meet some of my peeps down in Chesapeake Beach on Wednesday for ALL YOU CAN EAT at Abner’s!

So there you have it….goodbye thirties~

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