June 10, 2009

Why Am I Not Surprised?

Posted in Journal at 10:26 pm by Jenn


9:25 am -As I’m typing this I am on hold with a lovely lady from Delta Airlines named Sharon.  Sharon had the misfortune of being the unlucky recipient of my phone call to change my airline ticket for my travel to Chile.

As with most things in my life, there are issues.  This airline ticket seems to be no exception.  I don’t recall if I blogged about the fact that we had requested from the very beginning that we have tickets with changeable dates and tickets that could be upgraded.  Well, after arriving in Germany and attempting to upgrade to Business Class I learned that my ticket was in fact not upgradeable so whatever happens today with this attempt to change my flight date is most likely liable to piss me off.

Ok, so now I’m on the phone with Austrian Airlines, it seems that even though I’m flying a Delta flight the ticket was booked through Austrian so they need to make all changes….fair enough.

Well, Rena from Austrian Airlines is a very nice lady, she’s checking to see if my ticket is changeable.  The interesting thing is that the ticket date she currently has for me does not match the date that is printed on my ticket….so Baku.

Rena’s back, she needs my Fare Base Code….doesn’t sound good….9:41 am

Ok, all set, possible tax charges for changing airlines….they’ll calculate and call me by Friday. Now I ask about Max….she makes a note but doesn’t know for sure if there is space….call back on Friday.  Oh, and call Delta to check on their requirements for traveling with pets.

9:51 am – Caramba!  LOL.  I have to pee!

9:58 am – Ann from Delta informs me that there are no pets allowed to travel as excess baggage from May 15-September 15….they can travel as cargo, but there is no guarantee that they will be on the same flight….lovely….now calling Cargo to see what the deal is.

10:04 – Serena? – She’ll be happy to check for me….I still have to pee!  Serena comes back….WTF!

Ok, it’s now 2:09pm, I’ve peed, I’ve calmed down and now I can complete this post without sounding like a raving lunatic.

Apparently, when the young lady at the embassy made our reservations to come to the US from Azerbaijan with a pet and then on to Chile she failed to consider the time of year that we would be traveling.  So, with that being said since we are traveling in July and pets cannot fly as cargo when the forecasted temperature (high) is greater than 85F it seems as though my stay in the US is going to be extended indefinitely….you know given the fact that we are traveling from DC to ATLANTA….I wonder when the temperature will be less than 85F? Oh, and in case you are wondering the fare for flying a dog from DC to Chile is a mere $690.76 approximately!

Now, I wish I would have gone ahead and paid the $225 for a license to practice nutrition in the State of Maryland back in April when I arrived.  If I’m going to be hanging out til September I may as well try to earn my keep around here….laundry just isn’t cutting it – I guess I may as well check in to it.

Again, CARAMBA!  But hey, on the bright side, maybe I’ll be around for the fall wool festivals?  : )



  1. C said,

    I’m ripping my hair out on your behalf. ARGH!!!! Yay for extra time in the U.S. So sorry about the nightmare travel situation.

    Over a glass of Chilean red, remind me to tell you about State forgetting to pay for my ticket to Berlin after we were married. Yes, I was on his orders, yes I had the paperwork in hand, and yes, fortunately I’d shown up 3 hours early. Oh yes, the ticket was booked, nope, hadn’t been paid for. And to complicate matters, it was a weekend and State had just switched travel agencies. Welcome to the “foreign circus” 😉

  2. jessica said,

    Jenn, I’m so sorry! What a huge pain. Good luck working this all out and hope you get there as soon as possible. I’m still working on getting tickets back to the states this summer, a mere four weeks away. Why is everything always so difficult!?

    Miss you!

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