June 13, 2009

Sad Day at the Races

Posted in Journal at 8:00 pm by Jenn


Last night Scott, my parents and I headed out for a night at the races!  Rosecroft Raceway.  An old family favorite.  We were surprised when we arrived just 30 minutes before post time and saw the parking lot was almost completely empty.  We decided to valet park in case it was raining when we came out.  We pulled up to the valet lane…sat for a few minutes, got out of the car, didn’t see anyone so Scott ended up parking the car in the valet area on his own.

We went in to the admission area, there was no one collecting money so we went over to the area where you buy your “books” for the evening.  We were very surprised to learn that Rosecroft no longer had live races…only simulcast.  MAJOR BUMMER.

The gentleman told us we could go on in and look around so we did.  Definitely not the environment that it used to be, but we stayed anyway.  Mom and I went back to the guy and bought the books…one for trotters and one for thoroughbreds – one set per couple.  I love the trotters and Scott loves the thoroughbreds.  No sharing for us.  Mom and Dad have a lot more years of pratice under their belts so they shared their books.

There were so many screens to choose from….races were being simulcast from all over the country.  I decided that I’d play the races from Chester Downs in Pa.  I played races 6-13 and managed to win $14.80.  Of course it cost me $22.00 to play so I actually lost money, but it was fun and I was entertained for a few hours.

Since there were no live races the night ended sooner than we expected.  Of course there were plenty of other screens that I could have decided to play on but since I’m getting ready to move to the land of glorious fiber I decided to call it a night!

I think Mom and Dad may have broken even and it’s hard to tell what Scott did – my guess is that he lost money since he hasn’t been talking about what to do with his millions!

Hopefully, Rosecroft will be getting live races back in the future and when they do we’ll be there!


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