June 17, 2009

Lordy Lordy Jenn is 40

Posted in Journal tagged at 1:51 am by Jenn


So far so good, and for the record, I”m not officially 40 for about another 2 hours.  The day has been good so far…Mom and I went to Curves this morning, then to Home Depot to buy plants for yard.  Then back to the house for lunch, spaghetti leftover from last night!  YUM.

Mom took off for the commissary and I decided to stay home and follow up on a potential temporary job here in Maryland covering for an RD who is going out of maternity leave.  The call went well, the position is right up my alley – Renal Dietitian, part time – now I just need to convince Scott that I need to stay in the US til the fall….maybe easier said than done.

After the call I decided to head back to Kohl’s, this time to Bowie – in search of bedding for the king sized bed that we have in Chile.  I found the perfect set in Waldorf, but alas they were out of the King.  Today must be my lucky day because I found it in Bowie!  SCORE!  BIG SALE!  HUGE SAVINGS!  LOVE LOVE LOVE KOHL’s.

Now I’m back at home getting ready to chow down on taco salad with the fam.  Looking forward to crabs with the girls tomorrow night.



  1. katie said,

    Happy birthday!!!!!! I hope you had a fabulous day, and good luck with the job/scott stuff!!!

  2. naomi said,


  3. Jen D said,

    Happy Birthday!! 40 is ALRIGHT BABY!!

  4. C said,


  5. The P.O.E.T. said,

    Welcome to Club 40 ~ for me, it’s the absolute bomb! I turn 42 on July 17th and just love this era! So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy from a fellow lurker 🙂

    Thanks, and Happy Belated Birthday to you. I love lurkers.

  6. Clare said,

    A rather belated but still sincere happy birthday! sounds like you have had a hellva time.

  7. Alyona said,

    Happy birthday!!!!

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