June 18, 2009

People Suck

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I am extremely disappointed in my fellow man today.  No all of you, just the ones who saw the horrible accident I was in yesterday, yet decided that not stopping to see if everyone was ok, or to leave a contact number so that you could be a witness to the accident, would be the best thing.  I’d just like to say for the record – YOU SUCK!  I hope that you are never in a situation that necessitates you counting on anyone to lend you a helping hand because what goes around comes around you know!

Whew, I feel better with that off my chest and now for the story behind that little rant.

Yesterday evening I was heading from Bowie to Chesapeake Beach to meet my girlfriends for crabs, when I was involved in a car accident.  Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but it was horrible all the same and quite an ordeal.  I’m sure it will wind up in court at some point.  Here’s what happened –

I was travelling south bound in the left hand lane on 301 near the intersection at Old Central Avenue.  Next thing I know there is a car in front of me, SIDEWAYS – out of now where.  I’m really not sure where he came from, but I do know that there was no way possible for me NOT to hit him, and hit him I did, going about 40-50 miles an hour. Broadside.

His car was pushed off to the side of the road, facing oncoming southbound traffic, but in the grass, where Old Central Avenue meets 301s.  My car, did not stop immediately in spite of the fact that I was braking.  My purse had flown off the seat and was under the petal, so I wasn’t able to fully apply the break.  Once I managed to retrieve my purse, I could stop.

Once I stopped, I paused for a second…waiting for the airbag that should have deployed on impact, but didn’t.  The hazards did come on by themselves which I thought was interesting.  Anyway, my next thought was about the person I had hit.  I looked in my review mirror and saw the car, it didn’t look good.  I got out and started to walk toward the car…no one else was stopping, but cars were slowed down looking.  ASSHOLES!

As I approached the car many visions of what I would find were racing through my mind, thankfully when I arrived at the car, I found an intact 20 something male, who was able to speak to me to tell me that he was ok.  Once I established that I asked him, “What the hell were you doing”, his reply, “I didn’t see you”.  I said something like, “You came out of nowhere!”, “You just can’t do stuff like that”.  He did not reply.

I saw that he had his cell phone on his lap (is that why he didn’t see me?) so I asked him to please call 911.  He did. He then let me use his phone to call my parents to ask them to come pick me up – the car was not drivable, and to let Michelle know that I would not be able to make it for crabs.

The first responder was a PG County officer.  Nice guy.  Surprised that my airbag did not deploy…in fact stunned would be a better word.  He stayed until the ambulance and fire crew arrived…maybe til the MD State Trooper arrived – I can’t remember.

MD State Trooper was super nice too until he said he was going to “have to charge me with the accident, because I hit him”.

That did not make me happy, in fact, it pissed me off.  I asked why I was being charged and he said that I was at fault because I hit him.  He then went on to say, that because he did not witness the accident and that there were no other witnesses I had to be charged.  He also told me that I could go to court and let a judge hear the case.  At that point, I said, “well you do what you need to do”.  He walked away and went to talk to the young man (who was still in his car).  I got my camera and started taking pictures.  The fact that I was being charged with the accident and thinking about going to court with no witnesses – I knew I’d better at least have some pictures.

The trooper then came back to me and asked me again what happened.  I started to tell him, “I was traveling south on 301” – he stopped me and said, “Were you in front of or behind him”.  I said, “Neither” – he cam from my right side in front of me” – The officer looked confused so I turned and faced the intersection and told him again, “I was traveling south on 301, in the left had lane and he appeared in front of me.  I don’t know where he came from, but he had to come from Old Central Avenue.”  The officer told me, “he says he was traveling south on 301”, I said, “well he couldn’t have been if he was sideways in front of me”.  He then said, “we could be here all day trying going back and forth” and then went to fill out the paperwork.

At some point I said  (which I probably shouldn’t have, but did),  “Well, you look like a smart guy and I think that when you look at the cars and look at the damage you will agree that there was no way he could have been traveling south and have that kind of damage to his car.”  Then I said, has the law changed that the person traveling on the main highway no longer has the right of way?  Doesn’t traffic entering the highway have to yield to oncoming traffic?”  He said nothing and I walked away.

Lots more dialouge transpired.  At some point early in all this my parents arrived, later the tow trucks came, the guy’s friend arrived to give him a ride, etc.  The trooper in the end did charge the young man with the accident, but that is not what is important, what is important is that both of us were able to walk away intact from the accident – alive.

Now, I’m a lot sore today and I’m sure he is too.  I still haven’t gotten to eat crabs with my girlfriends which is a major bummer!  Thankfully they take rainchecks.

Oh, and one funny thing about the whole incident is that at some point during impact my headband came out of my hair so I was walking around with my “fro” in full effect probably looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket….LOVELY!  LOL.

And for Scott – here’s a few pictures of the carsDSCN0055





  1. from the picture it sure looks to me like he might have been behind you. but i’ve never been very good at the deductive reasoning thing!!

    glad everyone walked away and sorry you missed your crabs. i would have definitely stopped for you!

  2. katie said,

    Ugh…. I am so glad you are OK. I bet he was texting or something…. is there a cell phone law in MD?

  3. C said,

    Yikes!!! So glad you are okay. I agree with the other comment, I bet he was texting, hence cell phone in his lap.

    Very sorry you had to go through that.

  4. Christine said,

    I am soo glad you are ok! It would be great if there was some kind of law in the US like here in Germany where you are required by law to stop at an accident if you saw it and administer first aid (we are all required to carry first aid kids in the car for this).

    I was in an accident in high school that paramedics couldn’t believe I had walked away from. The car flipped in the air four times and landed on its side. I was very lucky that several carloads of people stopped to help (those first responders pulled me from the car before anyone got there) and some random strangers comforted me on the side of the road while the others pulled my mom out. I never got a chance to say thank you to them.

    I’m so glad you were well enough after the accident to be able to be your own witness to the trooper since no one stopped to do this for you (scheisters!).

  5. stitchitch said,

    yikes! i’m so glad you are OK. that’s the sort of crazy driving you’d expect from other road users in Baku!

  6. Jen D said,

    Your guardian angels are at work, and doing a nice job! Glad to hear no one was seriously hurt. Now, go git them crabs!!

  7. Emily said,

    Oh no! Sorry I’m a little behind on this one, but I’m glad you’re ok and hope you managed to enjoy your birthday despite it all.

    Thanks Emilie. I’ll be in Chile one of these days and we’ll get to meet!

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