June 27, 2009

It Never Hurts to Ask

Posted in Journal tagged , at 6:32 pm by Jenn


A few weeks ago when I learned that Max the dog would not be able to travel with me to Chile this summer I started asking around to see if there were any part time jobs in the area.

Lo and behold, there was a part time position open with DaVita (my old company) less than an hour away from my parents house, part time through October!  What a find.  I contacted the Regional Point RD and it seems like a perfect fit.

I’ve applied for my MD license (RD’s need to be licensed to practice in most states) and now I just have to wait to see when I start.  YAY me, and YAY Max!  Now I can justify staying in the states a while longer (earning good money) and Max won’t have to fly all by himself to Chile in the fall as cargo – costing me money – he can fly as excess baggage.  It will also give me peace of mind knowing that I didn’t just drop my dog on my parents door step for 4 months!

The downside to this is of course that Scott and I will be apart AGAIN, but we’ve had lots of practice in that area so it kind of seems normal.



  1. Carol Czina said,

    I’m glad you and Max will be traveling together. I was worried that he would be going such a long way by himself. And congrats on your job!!! Sounds great!

  2. Jen D said,

    Way to work the “layover”!

  3. Ruth said,

    I’m just now catching up on my blog reading …. You are SUCH A GOOD MOMMY! I’m so happy for Max that you made this choice.

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