August 13, 2009

My Medallion

Posted in Journal tagged , , , , , at 1:27 am by Jenn

Well, here they are – as promised.  Pictures of my finished Botanica Medallion Cardigan.

I put the seam under the right arm instead of down the middle of the back.  The yarn I used was Berroco Ultra Alpaca.



And this is probably the most unflattering picture of the decade, but I’m putting it out there anyway


So there you have it!  My first finished sweater.

And for all you Max fans – here is a picture of the boy cooling off with an ice cold Frosty Paws.




  1. Jen DeVine said,

    Jenn, the sweater is gorgeous, and so are you! Nice job!

    Thank, thank you very much! (said in my best Elvis voice ever!)

  2. C said,

    Wow! That’s awesome, nice work 🙂 Thanks for the bonus picture of Max!

    Thanks C. Max loves to have his picture out there!

  3. Christine said,

    Jenn, you look great in that fabulous sweater!

    It sure did feel good to have it finished. Now I can’t wait for the cooler weather to come!

  4. Tracey said,

    Wow! That’s your first sweater! It looks quite complicated. Your dog (who is WITH you as opposed to AWAY from you:-) is very cute.

    Thanks Tracey! It really wasn’t complicated at all.

  5. naomi said,

    It came out wonderful! Great job…. I just don’t have the patience.

  6. Your Secret Pal said,

    I love the cardigan! It looks so comfy!

  7. Ruth said,

    BEAUTIFUL WORK! And you look beautiful, too, Jenn!


  8. Lixie said,

    *love* the cardigan.

    x SP Hostess

  9. Jessica said,

    LOVE, LOVE this cardigan. Beautiful work!

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