September 20, 2009

My Life According to Kid Rock

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Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.  You can’t use the artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Give it a try.

Pick your Artist: Kid Rock

Are you a Male or a Female: I am the BullGod

Describe Yourself: I am Wrong, But You Ain’t Right

How do you feel: Feel Like Making Love

Describe where you currently live: Jackson, Mississippi

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:  Midnight Train to Memphis

Your Favorite form of Transportation: Rock and Roll Pain Train

Your Best Friend is: American Bad Ass

You and your best friend: Cocky

The weather is: So Hott

What’s your favorite time of day: All Summer Long

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:  You Never Met a MotherF**ker Quite Like Me

What is life to you: All Summer Long

Your last relationship: Black Chick White Guy

Your fear: Devil Without a Cause

Thought for the day: Bawitdaba

How I would like to die: Pancake Breakfast

My soul’s present condition: Only God Knows Why

My Motto:  Ya Keep On


September 15, 2009

Party in the Woods

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Also known as the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  It happens every year from the end of August, every weekend through October.  I have been many times, but haven’t been in several years.  I couldn’t wait to get there and taste some yummy Hard Cider.

Heather and I met my friends Dave and Olga, and two of Dave’s friends met him so there was a group of us walking around, browsing and taking in the sights.  The people watching at the festival is probably one of my favorite things , other than the hard cider of course.  I also really enjoy watching the shows and listening to the bands.   This time we watched Squire of the Wire, the Michael Rosman show and it was well worth the time.  What a great talent and a FUNNY guy.  His show was amazing and all of us really enjoyed it.  I want to go back again to see a few more shows and actually see the jousting this time.  I honestly don’t remember ever seeing it before.  The sun was in full effect this weekend and I was HOT so I passed this go round.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Dave chowing down on a turkey wing….which I was surprised I had to coerce him in to buying.  Honestly they used to be a LOT bigger and well worth the $5….this one was probably worth about $4.50.


and one of his lovely bride, the sweet Olga – who by the way had a GREAT time!  YAY Olga.  I knew Dave would like it, and I so glad that you agreed to see what it was all about!


September 10, 2009

2009 Summer Beach Bar Classic

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I’d like to start by saying that I THINK a good time was had by all, but I’m not entirely sure!  : )

We started off the event by decorating our T-shirts – so people would know that we were together and that something special was taking place of course.


Michelle and Heahter aka Micellicious and Super Star.


L – Train aka Luke


JMack aka Yours Truly

These pictures are actually taken at the second hole so let me go back and give you hole 1.


There we are, the golfers with our Orange Crushes at Mangos in Rosehaven.  This was my first taste of the Orange Crush, and I must say I really liked it.  Fresh squeezed OJ and LOTS of vodka.  Kind of a healthy version of a screwdriver if you will.

If you look on the bar in front of us you’ll notice our scorecards and the cute miniature mechanical pencils that I found.  We were well prepared for the event.  What wasn’t so well prepared were the rules and I take full responsibility for that.  I also had to apologize for my righteousness which was displayed when discussing the rules after I had started to consume alcohol.  Note to self and others….discuss the rules before the drinking portion of the game begins.

So we were off to the second hole – Thursday’s.  Blue Moon’s for the real players and a Coor’s Light for L-Train.DSCN0524

Next we headed next door to BilVil for the 3rd hole.  Bil and Sandy came out to say hi and offered up Hot Dogs at the turn for our next event!  Food is a great idea and we’ll hear more about food later.  Here we are, enjoying a brew on the deck at BilVil.


My brew was a Backfin Pale Ale by a brewery in Fredneck.  I mean Fredrick, MD.  Good stuff.

Next off to Neptune’s where I decided that I was going to get something to eat.  It was probably 4:30-5pm by this point and all I’d had all day long other than the booze was a bowl of watermelon for breakfast and that just wasn’t cutting it.


Neptunes where in front of us you’ll see the empty plate of zucchini straws which was split at least 3 ways.  That was dinner, which I knew then, and confirmed later in the evening was definitely not enough.  You’ll also notice that Luke looks a little shiny.  I could fix it with Photoshop, but I’m finished doing favors for that guy and you’ll see why later!

Beach Cove was next on the list – Hole 5.  This is where I had the “Neri Sighting”.  Now if you know anything about me and my beach history.  Neri Sightings are usually not a good thing.  This one proved to be uneventful thank goodness.  The best plan in case of a Neri sighting is one of three things 1.  RUN

2. Ignore

3. Limit exposure

For this sighting I chose to combine numbers 2 and 3.  Very effective.



The crew inside Beach Cove – their menu looks pretty good so we’re planning to return for dinner one night.

Hole 6 – Crooked I, formerly known as Chaney’s.  This was my first time at Crooked I.  I like it.  Anytime you can sit outside and view the water while you enjoy your beverage is a good thing.



Now this is where it really starts to get fuzzy….Hole 7 @ The Freaky Deaky Tiki

I’d like to point out that I am hammered by this point and all of my friends still look sober.  How is that possible?  I guess I’m just really out of practice.


Hole 8 – Smokey Joes


It appears that we have a 5th player now.  I think Billy joined us at Hole 5.  I also notice the shooter in front of me and Michelle and that could not have been a good thing, but I’m sure I made par at that hole!

Last but not least Trader’s – Hole 9


I remember being here.  I remember running my lips to and with Patty, Ann and Katie (sorry guys), and I remember walking back to Michelle’s.  Everything else about it is a blur….I see Luke ditched his shirt at this point which should be an 8 stroke penalty for being out of dress code. AND I see that Heather is missing from the group photo which also should be some penalty, but we’ll have to talk about that when the board convenes later tonight over crabs!

So there you have it the 2009 Summer Beach Bar Classic.  Good time was had by all – at least the pictures make me think so.  I have no idea what my final score was or even if there was a winner but, according to a few of the pictures I’m was the LOSER!  Thanks Luke!  Arrrr.

September 1, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance…

Posted in Journal at 9:45 pm by Jenn

This morning I was white knuckling it around the beltway in the rain, missing my Sirius Radio and Howard Stern.  I was listening to WMZQ (the local country station of course).  Every morning they play The Pledge of Allegiance, but this morning to do something special to commemorate September 11, 2001, they played this version…

I’d never heard that version before, but it touched me today, especially today.  Please take a moment to remember the families and the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

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