September 15, 2009

Party in the Woods

Posted in Journal tagged , , at 9:33 pm by Jenn

Also known as the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  It happens every year from the end of August, every weekend through October.  I have been many times, but haven’t been in several years.  I couldn’t wait to get there and taste some yummy Hard Cider.

Heather and I met my friends Dave and Olga, and two of Dave’s friends met him so there was a group of us walking around, browsing and taking in the sights.  The people watching at the festival is probably one of my favorite things , other than the hard cider of course.  I also really enjoy watching the shows and listening to the bands.   This time we watched Squire of the Wire, the Michael Rosman show and it was well worth the time.  What a great talent and a FUNNY guy.  His show was amazing and all of us really enjoyed it.  I want to go back again to see a few more shows and actually see the jousting this time.  I honestly don’t remember ever seeing it before.  The sun was in full effect this weekend and I was HOT so I passed this go round.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Dave chowing down on a turkey wing….which I was surprised I had to coerce him in to buying.  Honestly they used to be a LOT bigger and well worth the $5….this one was probably worth about $4.50.


and one of his lovely bride, the sweet Olga – who by the way had a GREAT time!  YAY Olga.  I knew Dave would like it, and I so glad that you agreed to see what it was all about!



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