October 19, 2009

Won’t You Join Me on the KAT Walk?

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As a lot of you know, I’m a Dietitian.  I work for a great company called DaVita.  DaVita is hosting it’s 4th annual Kidney Awareness Run/Walk on November 14th at RFK Stadium in Washington DC.

Since I’m going to be in town now, I’ve decided to get up off my lazy butt and do something useful with my Saturday (and burn a few calories while I’m at it).  I’m going to walk the 5k to support raise awareness about kidney disease.

Working as a DaVita Dietitian is a very challenging and rewarding career.  I see firsthand everyday the effects of this disease and I pray everyday for a cure.

If you are local, please consider joining me for this walk (it’s boring walking alone – but I do have that new iPhone that I can fill with some cool music).  It’s only 5k, and quite frankly, if I can do it, then I’m sure you can too.  If you aren’t local there are other walks scheduled in California, Texas and Virginia.  Check out the link about to see if one is close to you.

If you can’t walk then please consider donating.  It’s for a wonderful cause and working for this company I can honestly say that the money will be well spent.  They care a great deal about their patients and patient education.  Let’s help them work toward prevention!

Here’s a link to my fundraising page!  Together we can make a difference.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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  1. Tammy said,


    I just registered. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!

    Thanks for walking with me Tammy. It was great to have the company.

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