December 6, 2009

You heard it here first

Posted in Journal tagged , at 9:29 am by Jenn

Remember many weeks ago…the blog about getting your Vitamin D level checked? Hmm, well do you? Well, today while searching for some information for a research paper I happened across this article from US News and World Report on Vitamin D. Check it out here.

Well, what are you waiting for? If you live north of Atlanta you probably aren’t getting enough. Make your appointment today to have your level checked! My mom’s levels were low, and my sister is deficient (now we have proof). It’s an easy fix with supplementation, and apparently it plays a role in much more than bone metabolism so don’t delay. I on the other hand have not had my levels checked and need to. Waiting for my private health insurance to kick in. It’s not even worth the hassle of going through my military insurance….sad but true. They wouldn’t even check my cholesterol.

Don’t get me started.



  1. Jen DeVine said,

    Dr Nancy Snyderman was talking about the importance of Vitamin D recently (as I breezed through the room)…I think I should read the article!

    It really is important. I think we’ll be hearing more and more about just how important it is.

  2. Heather said,

    Wow. It seems so much worse written in black and white on your blog. I’m deficient. . . hrm. . .


    You need to get rechecked too. DON”T FORGET.

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