February 9, 2010

Here We Snow Again

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Guess what?  It’s snowing.  Again.  Another storm is hitting us this evening.  They are calling for “up to 20”.

Needless to say, the dialysis center won’t be open tomorrow so we spent the day attempting to reach tomorrow’s patients to bring them in at the end of the work day today.  If you’ve ever been in, or worked in a dialysis center, you know that it is normally a pretty routine place.  So and so comes in at such and such time, runs for so long and then leaves.  On days when there is a snow emergency and the center will be closed the following day there is the challenge of getting all of the current days patients treated in addition to the patients who would be treated the following day.

Did I mention that many of the patients who come to treatment come by some sort of scheduled transportation…meaning transportation arranged by the state or county?  That’s right….when there is a snow emergency many of these transportation services are shut down, meaning many of these patients can’t get to the center to get their life sustaining treatment.  Many of them are able to get friends, family or neighbors to bring them.  Others can’t.  It’s a  literal nightmare.

Thankfully, the years I spent in the hospital staffing industry paid off today.  I was able to actually be of some assistance.  The Social Worker and I made a great team…handling the scheduling so the nurses could do what they do best….take care of patients.

So the work day is over.  I’m watching LOST.  I honestly don’t know why I continue to watch this show.  I’ve watched EVERY episode and I have NOT A CLUE what is going on.  I’m hoping that I can figure it out soon…you know….before the end of the season.  Given that it is the end of the show I think that would be a good idea.

Scott got his orders yesterday.  We’ll be stateside for the next 3 years.  Stay tuned for more on that tomorrow…LOST just came back on.


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  1. Jen DeVine said,

    Congratulations on being stateside for a while anyway:) As for Lost, I am glad to hear you have been watching all along and STILL don’t get it! I don’t either!!! Oh my. It’s probably all some kind of hallucination…but who’s?…hm…

    : )

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