February 13, 2010

Grease is the WORD

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This afternoon my sister and I treated ourselves to an afternoon at the theater.  On stage…GREASE!  I’ve wanted to see this show on stage for years and wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass me by. Heather drove, I hate driving in DC.  I was the navigator which gave me plenty of time to look around and take a few pictures.  When I saw this guy only 4 words came to mind… “pants on the ground”. 

I’m sorry, I really couldn’t help myself.  We parked and walked the short walk to the theater.  As we were approaching we saw this

then this

I started to get giddy.  Seriously, I LOVED the movie, I know all the songs, all the lines, everything.  I was super excited to get inside and get seated.  I couldn’t wait for the show to start.   We only had a short wait and then the show was on. 

It was a little strange at first.  Not the Danny and Sandy I was used to, but once I let go of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John and let myself enjoy these two new performers I had a great time.  The scenes were a little different from the movie which I enjoyed, but the story was still the same.  You know…greaser meets goody two shoes.

Danny and Kenickie were awesome and all the Pink Ladies were terrific.  Frenchy was my favorite.  I actually thought Rizzo had a bigger part than Sandy.  Her character was really strong.  I think there was too much focus on her character and not enough on Danny and Sandy’s relationship. 

My favorite part of the show as definitely “Beauty School Drop Out”.  Taylor Hicks did a great job as Teen Angel and Frenchy was hilarious.  They even threw in a reference to American Idol which cracked me (and more than half the audience) up.  I did not take pictures during the performance – though I wanted to.  Here is a clip that I found on youtube that is pretty close to the performance that I saw today. 


Cheesey?  Yes.  Entertaining? Yes.  Would I see it again?  Yes.  Absolutely.  If you are a big fan of the movie like I am you will have to let go, but once you do you won’t be disappointed.  Afterall…”It’s Greased Lightnin”



  1. juliegr said,

    Yes, Grease IS fun and Taylor Hicks as Teen Angel is an unexpected gem. I’m going to the play on Wednesday to enjoy the experience again and to see how Ace Young does in the role of “Danny”.

    There are some fantastic videos of Taylor Hicks’ performances on YouTube. I’ll share one of my favorites ~ “Woman’s Gotta Have it” from Workplay in Birmingham, AL. I was there and the song is unbelieveable.

  2. Ange Bleu said,

    Wish I could see it again. Would love to see Ace Young perform. Taylor, of course, is terrific.

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