March 10, 2010

In The Ghetto?

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Some things just look odd.  You know, sheep feet on the sidewalk, aluminium foil on drying racks outside the hair salon and 4 black men on horseback in the median on Rt 202.

Really!  FOUR Black men on horseback.  I’ll admit that as soon as I saw them (well after the initial shock) I made a u turn (twice) to get these pictures.  Sorry they aren’t the best.  Since I went through all the trouble of the u turn, I should have just whipped out my camera too.  These were taken with my iPhone, which does a great job in a pinch and close-ups.

I couldn’t wait to get home to tell my dad.  His response.  “Oh yeah, there are a bunch of black cowboys around here.  There must be something going on at the equestrian center.” 

I must have been away a long time because in the PG County I grew up in (“da hood”) I never saw anyone riding horseback in the middle of the highway.  So, in response to Delia who commented on my aluminum foil post way back when.  See, I post pictures of crazy stuff that I see in the US too!


March 6, 2010

Aliyev in the News

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Yesterday morning as I was packing my lunch for the day when my father came up from his “man camp” in the basement carrying the morning paper – front page.  “Look at this” he said, showing me a picture.”  A twelve year old boy from Azerbaijan owns all these beach houses in Dubai”

The article talks about how these houses are owned by a 12 year old boy with the same name and birthday as the president Aliyev’s son – Heydar.  The president’s salary of $228,000 isn’t nearly enough to purchase these properties and goes on to talk about corruption in Azeribaijan…hmmmm…is this news?  Well I guess the properties in Dubai may be news but the fact that the government there is corrupt shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, well anyone who has spent more than 24 hours in that country anyway.

It’s interesting to note that the president’s son is listed as owner of 9 properties, while the daughters are listed as owners of one each…..well, we don’t know for sure it’s “them” but again, the owners are people with the same names as the presidential family members.  Good grief.  I’m just trying to find a house near the water in Virginia for less than $1800 a month.  Wonder if I can borrow some cash from Heydar?

March 1, 2010


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They are still experiencing aftershocks in Chile, but they are trying to get things cleaned up and back to normal. 

Just a little glimpse in to just how awesome it is to be a part of an Embassy Community,each embassy has a CLO office (Community Liaison Office).   The CLO office is responsible for maintain morale at the Embassy (along with a TON of other stuff) and these folks really step up during these stressful times.  I can remember being the CLO in Belarus and even though our situation there was MUCH different that the one in Chile I feel for what these CLO’s are dealing with right now.  I also remember how awesome the CLO in Lithuania was in getting things ready for us when we were forced to leave Belarus.  She made us feel welcome and provided us all with many resources for making our stay as pleasant as possible.   Here is a little piece of a email that was sent out from the CLO in Chile to the Embassy Community this weekend. 

Dear all,

 We know that you are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety right now.  Not having power/electricity is not helping the situation either.   We will open a  Community Center…(date, time and location removed).  ALL family members are welcome.  The kids can play with their friends while you talk to us and each other. Let us know how you are doing please!   Several computers will be set up for you to write back home and catch up on the news.  (Please bring some toys for children to play.)   The Commissary will be open to purchase snacks and drinks or you may wish to bring your own snacks.  You may choose to go to lunch–the restaurants on Isidora Goyenechea are open! 

If you have any food that needs to be refrigerated, you may use cafeteria’s refrigerators and freezers.   The showers are open for those who do not have hot water (please bring your toiletries).  Washing machines and dryers are here for you to use as well (please bring your own detergent).   If your residence has all amenities and you are willing to host Embassy families, please let CLO know. 

Judging from this I’d say folks at the Embassy are doing pretty well all things considered.  This helps to put my mind at ease a little more.  I’m still thankful that Max and I weren’t there, but I am also grateful that my husband has this type of support system available to him should he need it.

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