May 5, 2010

Time to Smell the Flowers

Posted in Journal tagged , , , at 9:25 pm by Jenn

Several years ago I got the bright idea to cross pollinate some of my mom’s iris plants.  Not quite sure what sparked this interest other than I love flowers and just wondered if it was possible (that’s the Grammy gene kicking in).  I remember reading up on the internet about how to do it and keeping my records about which plant I crossed to which.  I watched the pods mature, the seeds develop, I dried the seeds, waited til the appropriate time and then planted them and waited….three years.  Yep, three years.  From start to finish it was three years before I could see what the actual flowers looked like.  Scott and I moved to NC and we moved the bulbs with us to NC, the first time I saw them bloom was the spring of 2006.  They were beautiful.  One solid purple and one white with purple trim.  Both beautiful, but different than the parent plants.  At one of our yard sales one woman actually walked in to my flowerbed and TOLD me to dig some of them up for her.  Needless to say, I said no.  I may have considered it if she hadn’t been so rude, but who just walks into someone else’s garden and starts demanding a piece of it?  When we sold our house I couldn’t bear to leave them so I dug them up and brought them back to Maryland with me and left them at my parent’s house while we were overseas.  My mom planted them in a special place in the backyard and they are just starting to bloom now.  Beautiful…

I’ll share with the internet, but I won’t share with that woman who stepped in my mulch!