May 27, 2010

Buggin’ Me

Posted in Journal tagged , , at 8:09 pm by Jenn

Not a lot of things really “bother” me. I lot of things tick me off and I vent for a few minutes, but soon it’s forgotten and I go on about my business.  Today however, two things “bugged” me so much that I just feel the need to share them with you.

First, I was walking down the hall at my office today and two of my co-workers were looking at the computer.  I could tell by the look on Lisa’s face that whatever they were looking at was bad.  I figured it probably had something to do with a child abduction (that’s what usually puts that look on Lisa’s face).  I had no idea that it would be this

Yep, that’s for real.  Overseas, I saw young children smoking, and it bothered me, but not near as much as this did.  This boy’s father GAVE him his first cigarette when he was just 18 months old….WHY?  Now the kid is hooked and according to the mother he throws temper tantrums when he can’t have a cigarette.  Oh, did I mention that he smokes 40 cigarettes a day.  40.  That’s absurd.  The whole thought of it is absurd and to make matters even worse the kid is so overweight.  He doesn’t even walk around the village.  He has a little toy truck that he rides around on.   This just makes me want to cry.  It’s a shame that the parents don’t take control of this situation.  Pretty soon he’s going to be able to talk and then what are they going to do?

SO if that wasn’t bad enough…I have been drinking this flavored water from Sobe lately because I love the taste…Pear Apple.  My mom picked up a case recently from Costco and today I took a Yumberry Pomegranate to work with me.  I decided to check out the label to see what the ingredients were and how they were different from the Pear Apple.  Imagine my surprise when I saw “cochineal extract”.  I thought certainly I must be reading this wrong, so I read it again.  Yep….cochineal extract.  Then I started talking to myself…”I thought cochineal was a bug”….why would they put cochineal in my drink?  Then I googled cochineal and realized I wasn’t misreading or thinking wrong, it was cochineal and it was for sure in my drink….the purpose….to give the water that nice pretty pink color. 

Here’s a picture of the dead, dried food color additive.

For some reason the FDA thinks it’s ok to put bugs in my water.  Oh, sorry.  They aren’t live bugs, they are dead.  The bugs are harvested and dried and crushed to extract that pretty red color.  Yum.  Now I’m really thinking I’m going to be sick and I start reading articles on the use of this stuff and I’m getting more and more pissed off about the US food supply.  I’m starting to agree more and more with Robin Quivers about needing a Food Bill of Rights.  Certainly there has got to be a better way to make Yumberry Pomegranate that pretty pinky red color than by adding smashed up bug eggs….I mean, pomegranates are red afterall.

Ok, I’m coming down off my soap box now.  I feel better, but I’m still “bugged”.  Oh and the only reason I know that cochineal is a bug is because the bug is used to make dye for yarn!  : )  It all leads back to yarn.


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