June 1, 2010

Thirty Five

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That’s my number.  What’s yours?

I know it’s only two digits.  It’s not my phone number.  It’s my sleep number.  This weekend I was mattress shopping for the second time and was tired of listening to the salespeople try to sell me the mattress that fit their needs.  You know, the one that would bring them the most commission, not the one that fit the budget that I stated when I walked in the door and answered the questions I was asked….specifically “how much do you want to spend on a mattress today”.  When I answered that question I wasn’t joking.  Troy obviously thought I was and proceeded to show me mattresses WAY out of my range.  He was really pissing me off.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate to be “sold”.  If I’m spending they money, you are going to show me what I want to see and if after I’ve seen it, I’ll consider looking at the stuff you want to show me.  So, that being said, I left to check out another store.  Anything to get away from Troy.

I went to the mall to run a few errands at Kohl’s.  On the way through the parking lot I drove past Macy’s.  They have mattresses.  So I went in.  The saleswoman Madelyn was very nice…and helpful…and not pushy.  When I told her I wanted to walk around and look for a while she said ok and WALKED AWAY.   She didn’t hover,  or lurk, she walked way.  When I had questions I found her and asked my questions, got her card and headed to Kohl’s to look for dishes. 

On the way up the escalator I saw Sleep Number.  My friends Dave and Olga have a Sleep Number bed.  When Scott was home for Christmas we went over to their apartment and they both raved about the bed.  So there I was at the mall, I decided to go in and ask a few questions.  I got the whole demo.  My sleep number, and my profile.  I was pretty much sold on bringing Scott back to the store in a couple of weeks.  I asked about the special promotion and found out that it expired in a few days!  GASP!  What to do???  Scott was off looking for Penguins, so I did what any good spouse would do.  I whipped out my friend Visa and our new bed is going to be delivered any day!   

There are a few things that I’m not happy about with Sleep Number.  No free delivery.  You know, when you charge that much for a bed, you could deliver it for free.  The cost of the bedding.  Um, I don’t think so.  I did buy the mattress pad, but really, I’m not going to be adjusting my bed in the middle of the night so if my sheets shift, I’ll fix them when I make the bed in the morning and things will be nice and tight when I crawl in the next night.  AND if I really have a problem with the sheets shifting I’ll either sew elastic on to my sheets or find some inexpensive sheet stays. 

So, there you have it.  Sorry Troy, when you call (and I’m sure you’ll call), I’m going to be smiling as I tell you my sleep number.