July 25, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Posted in Journal at 9:33 pm by Jenn

It’s not very often these days that I have a few minutes to myself.  Today I had a few minutes and decided that I would upload my photos from the Vermont vacation and get them posted…well, as usual these days, my life had other plans.  I didn’t take my regular camera on vacation because the battery was dead and my charger was at my parent’s house.  Instead I took my old camera, you remember; the one I hated because I could never figure out where my pictures were when I went to upload them….yeah that one.  Well I took several pictures while I was on vacation.  I even played them back for a couple of people during the vacation.  Today, when I go to upload them for the world to see I get BUPKIS!

This pisses me off.  Not only did I take pictures that I can’t be replaced.  I had the chance to get rid of this camera a few times in the past and passed on both occasions.  I can tell you this….it is currently in a big plastic bin marked YARD SALE.  Common October!

So for those of you who were waiting for the pictures…sorry.  I guess we will have to rely on my iphone pics and those that Scott snapped.  The iphone photos are definitely lacking and Scott is on this color focus binge right now so we’ll hope that he did manage to capture a couple of good shots.


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