September 26, 2010

Kidney Awareness Walk

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As a Renal Dietitian I am shocked on a regular basis by the number of people who kidney disease impacts.  Just this past week we had 3 new patients start on dialysis (one only 27 years old)  and waiting for 3 more next week.  Dialysis is end stage renal disease.  At this point the only hope for the patient to stay alive is to begin dialysis treatment.  My clinic is one of the largest in the area with 140 something patients, but there are at least 40 DaVita clinics in the Washington Metropolitan area. 

Did you know that about 31 million American adults  — 1 in 6 — have chronic kidney disease (CKD), and millions more are at increased risk?  Diabetes  nd high blood pressure are the leading causes.  With most people, there are no symptoms until the disease reaches an advanced stage.  If kidney disease is left undetected, it can progress to kidney failure with little or no warning, making this disease a “silent epidemic”. 

It’s time for the annual Kidney Awareness Walk.  I just finished registering to walk again this year.  Last year I raised $125, and this year I’d like to try to beat that and raise $300.  Won’t you consider sponsoring me for this walk and helping to raise awareness about this life altering disease?  Please visit my Fundraising Page to make a donation!  I’d love to have you join me for the walk, but if you can’t you can participate virtually by visiting this link.