February 17, 2011

Field Trip

Posted in Journal tagged , at 11:54 am by Jenn

I’ve lived in and around Washington DC most of my life.  I visited the museums and monuments when I was in school and since then have pretty much ignored the culture of our nation’s capital.  Sad, I know…but true.

With football season over I told Scott that we needed to stop sitting around all weekend long and start taking advantage of all the free entertainment that surrounds us in DC.  Well he didn’t seem too thrilled but my sister is always up for a field trip.  There is a really cool exhibit at the Natural History Museum so we planned to head downtown on Sunday. 

It really has been years since I’ve been in the museum, but as soon as we walked in we were greeted by an old friend

We decided to start at the top floor and went through the Rocks, Gems and Minerals, peeked in on the butterflies and checked out a few insects.  Of course no visit would be complete without seeing the Hope Diamond.

Written in Bone was the name of an exhibit that I wasn’t so sure I wanted to see.  Thankfully we did enter and I was very glad we did.  This exhibit was so interesting.  It discussed how forensics has been used to identify remains of early settlers in Jamestown and St. Mary’s City.  My favorite part was the visit to the Forensic lab at the end of the exhibit.  This was hands on and gave us the opportunity to use our new found knowledge to solve a forensic mystery!

It’s a shame that all of these resources are right in my backyard and I haven’t done more exploring.  Time to change that!


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