October 29, 2011

My New Venture

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Over the summer my bestie Heather hosted an Arbonne get together at her house.  I attended but was afraid to try the face products because my skin is so sensitive.  I did try the Shea Butter Hand and Body Lotion and fell in love with it.  I was curious about the Lip Balm, so I ordered that too.

Since that party Heather decided to become an Independent Consultant for Arbonne and I attended several more workshops at various friends homes.   Each workshop brought a new product that peaked my interest and a new favorite product to love.  I even decided to go for it and try the RE9 skincare line and guess what…I loved it!  I became a Preferred Client so that I could receive 20% off all of my orders.

To support Heather I attended an Arbonne client appreciation night with her.  There I met an amazing group of women all with a common interest…Arbonne.   What really stuck out in my mind that night were the words of Laura Harry, the National Vice President who was also in attendance that night.  She discussed her “WHY” for doing Arbonne and she was so passionate.

On my way home I started thinking that I wanted to be passionate about what I do, and I am to a point…every patient I work with has 100% of my support and encouragement, but then I’m back to my desk playing the corporate game and it’s a game I’d rather sit out.

I found myself sitting at my desk thinking about Laura and her passion and that’s when I realized that I needed to prepare to make a change.  Heather and I met for lunch and I told her that I wanted to upgrade from Preferred Client to Consultant to earn the 35% off savings on all my purchases…and I purchase A LOT!  Since then I’ve realized the main reason I made this decision…my “WHY” is so that by the time Scott retires I can get out from under the thumb of the corporate world and be in business for myself, both with Arbonne and with nutrition.  I want to control when I work, where I work and how I work and Arbonne is going to get me there.

I’m jealous really…jealous that I’m not retiring.  I’ve worked longer than Scott has, just not for the same organization.  When do I get to retire?  Scott and I talked about this and his reply was, “You didn’t choose the right career”.  At the time it pissed me off.  Now looking back I realize, he was right.

Thanks to Heather, Erin and Laura for helping me to realize I was “going nowhere”.  And, if you are reading this, think about your current situation.  Are you passionate about what you do?  Arbonne has amazing products and business potential.  If you’d like more information or product samples, just ask!


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  1. Good luck!

    Happy blogoversary 🙂

    Thank you!

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