October 3, 2016

Right in My Own Backyard

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:15 pm by Jenn

Who knew?  Who knew that there were so many interesting things to do in and around Upper Marlboro?  Not me that’s for sure.

I did a search on geocaching.com the other day and came up with 23 caches within 3 miles of the 20772 zip code…23 in my little town!  23, many in the same location so it makes for a fun day of exploring without a lot of car time getting from place to place – perfect for a day with a 7 year old.

On Wednesday my sister, Zachary and I set off in search of 5 caches.  We decided to start off with the two closest to home and work our way in to town where we had errands to run.

The first two caches took us to Mt. Calvert Historical and Archaeological Park.  This park is less than 2 miles from my high school and I never knew it existed.  The area was BEAUTIFUL and I was surprised to learn that this had actually been the first county seat of Prince George’s County.  In that time, 1696 it had been called Charles Town.

We were pretty lucky and able to find the first cache (GC1j308) easily.  The second one proved to be more difficult and we had to log that one as a DNF.  It may have been there, but as I’ve said before – I’m a city cacher and not really fond of traipsing through the woods in search of plastic boxes!

The best part of this park was that we ran in to some of the archaeologists who were out there working that day and we were able to visit the site they were working on which they believe to be a house or tavern.  There were two groups of two (four people) working.  The first group was working on the interior of the structure and the second two were working on the outside.  The two on the outside were finiding nails, bricks, window cames, shells and glass.  They were collecting their finds in plastic bags to take back to the research center.  It was really fascinating to see and they were so awesome to let us disturb their workday to be nosey and ask a TON of questions.  Zachary has since decided that he wants to be an archaeologist.  He thinks it’s pretty cool to be able to dig in the dirt and get paid.  I agree.