January 3, 2009

My Latest Addiction

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Trap Setup


It’s happened again.  I’ve fallen victim to the online game demons.  I’m hopelessly addicted to a game called Mousehunt.   One of my friends (Nancy) on Facebook was participating in an event and I wanted to know more about it so I clicked…BIG MISTAKE.

I started playing on December 29th and now I won’t be able to stop until I’ve reached the highest level I can reach (Hero).  I’m sure that will be a while.  I’m still only on the first level, Novice at 85%.  With the hours I’ve been logging I am hoping to reach the second level, Apprentice by the end of the weekend…maybe by the end of the day but that’s a tall order.

With Mousehunt you are hunter and your goal is to set up a trap to catch mice.  You build your trap, choose your cheese, hunting area and wait.  Every fifteen minutes you can sound the “Hunter’s Horn”.  At this time you “go hunting” then return to camp and check your hunter’s journal to see if you caught anything.  You are awarded gold and points for mice that you catch.

You have to buy cheese to bait your trap and you can buy more powerful traps with more gold and points as the game progresses through the seven skill levels from Novice to Hero.  Each level offers new challenges, new hunting areas and new mice to catch.

It’s a passive game and you can spend as little as a few minutes a day or as many hours as you can stay awake playing. 

The best part about the game (and the original reason I signed up) is that they give away actual prizes…including CASH!  They had a New Year’s Eve giveaway and since Scott was sick and we were staying in I figured I’d might as well try to win some cash…that was HOURS ago.  I only saw one prize mouse visit my trap.  He visited my trap, stole my bait, but didn’t drop the $200 he was carrying!  That dirty rat!  He was a Leprachaun Mouse and I’ll be waiting and ready for him next time!  There were about 200 prizes given away during the event over the course of two days.  Around 20,000 people were online consistently playing during those two days.

You can also recruit friends to join your Hunting Group.  I have 43 people in my group so far and I actually personally know 9 of them.  The first one in my group was Nancy.  I love Nancy.  She and I were friends in High School.  She gave me 20,000 gold to get started and introduced me to her Hunting Group and some of them gave me gold and off I went! 

It’s good to have higher ranking players in your Hunting Group so that you can ask questions and so that they can give advice. 

So, I’ll keep you posted about my status and leveling.  As I’m ending this I’m now at 87%, I just sounded the Hunter’s Horn, caught a Dwarf Mouse worth 221 points and 455 gold in the Town of Gwania.  FUN!  I caught this guy using the trap pictured above, The Trebuchet and wooden base with target using Marble cheese.

Ok, now Scott and I have an in person date in the living room to play board games!  I’m sure we’ll both be taking breaks every 15 minutes to check our traps!  : )


June 21, 2008

LOST with Webkinz in Baku

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Ok, I’m not really lost (obviously) but I just finished watching season 3 of LOST and it was so good.  I can’t wait to start season 4.  This has got to be one of the best shows on television hands down.  I couldn’t figure the Jack thing out until the last few seconds….I’m not going to give it away, but WOW!  Good stuff.

As for the Webkinz.  Scott will be the proud owner of the Grey Horse in a few days and I have been on Ebay bidding like a maniac of course.  I won one auction already and my new Black and White Cheeky Dog and Cocker Spaniel should be arriving soon.  I think I’m going to start a farm!  LOL.  I have other auctions that I’m bidding on, we’ll see if I win.  I have a set price that I refuse to bid over so I’m not expecting much!  I’m CHEAP!  I would love to get the Whimsical Dragon, Love Frog, Turtle and Siamese Cat still though!  I told you I was addicted.  It really is a sickness.  I also think there needs to be a crab.  I mean come on.

Now, as promised I have a few pictures of Baku for you.


  This is the old style housing, from a distance.

 The city is full of high rise apartment buildings and high rise apartment buildings that are being constructed.

  This is the the old style of housing (closer view), much of which is still around, but a lot of it is being destroyed (thankfully).  Notice the clothes lines and satellite dishes…people live in these structures.  Oh, take note of the rocks all over the blue tarp…that’s someones roof…yep.

  This is a view from our apartment building.  We can see the Caspian see and also hear the prayer chants from the mosque.  See it there on the left with the dome.

I realize that these aren’t the greatest pictures.  I am getting there!  I hope to get a few pictures of the old city this coming week.  It really is beautiful.

December 21, 2007


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Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for long (no, not the Christmas Yarn Exchange package – that’s still intact).  I started on the poncho (Colinette’s Vintage Knits Kit) today.  After knitting all-day on the Christmas project (which I decided is now a January birthday project) you’d think I’d be worn out, not to mention that it is past 1am.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I was ready to go to bed and then I saw the box…I had to at least cast on, then I had to see what the Mohair looked like, then the next color.  Finally the fever broke on Row 7.  I’ll resume tomorrow, I’m sure the bug will return.  Pictures tomorrow too.  Goodnight!

December 3, 2007

It’s Genetic

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This weekend it became official.  I am my grandmother’s granddaughter, my mother’s daughter and my sister’s sister after-all.  I have it, I’ve been trying to deny it, but I have it….THE KNITTING GENE!

It all started with a harmless little search for a yarn swap.  That search led to enrolling in not one, but 3 yarn swaps.  Not just three yarn swaps, but waiting to get assigned my buddy in the first yarn swap so that I can sign up for a 4th at Pick up Sticks and order yarn for my buddy in the first yarn swap at the same time.  Are you still with me?

Then I thought, “It would be fun to dye my own yarn”, so I ordered a yarn dying kit, some undyed yarn and a book on how to make it happen.

As if that wasn’t enough, I found a really awesome yarn subscription that had closed.  I was disappointed, but thought I would take a chance and email to see if by chance I could still join.  I’ll be getting 4 new skeins of sock yarn this month and then 3 more (one in Jan, Feb and March).  Thank you Carrie!

And, yes there is more.  There are only 7381 people ahead of me in line to join Ravelry!  I’m number 64,317 on the list….apparently MANY people have this knitting gene.

And last but not least these words escaped my lips today.  “I think I’m going to host a yarn swap”.  Stay tuned on this one. 

Spinning also crossed my mind, but I think I’ll wait to get back to the states for that otherwise Scott is going to need to get another promotion so that our HHG (house hold goods) weight limit is increased.   The military pays to move us only up to a certain weight, everything over that weight we pay for. 

Other big news on the knitting front, I finished one of the two Christmas gifts this weekend.  Unfortunately, not the one on the size 10 needles.  I guess maybe I’ll tackle those fingerless mittens until project #2 is complete.

What are some good plant fiber yarn materials?  Any suggestions?  Heather? Mom?  I’ve got bamboo, soy, corn and hemp.

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