August 6, 2017

Calvert Rocks

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New craze.  We have joined the #calvertrocks craze.  I saw my first one on Wednesday night and thought how pretty it was.  I left it where I saw it.  Friday night we went out with some friends for dinner and I was telling them about the rock.  We decided to go back to see if it was still there…it wasn’t but I did find a pretty “Shine” rock and decided to relocate it to the local Sheriff’s Department to spread a little cheer over the there.  I posted on Facebook about my find and my sister suggested I join the Calvert Rocks Facebook group.  There sure are a lot of people finding, painting and hiding rocks in Calvert County!  I was inspired to create my own rocks.  I painted them yesterday.  They just need a coat of clear spray and then we are heading out to place them in our local community for others to find.  We will be traveling to North Carolina to visit friends at the end of the month.  I’m saving my flip flop rock to place on that trip and hoping to find an #onslowrocks to bring home to place locally.  This is a great family fun activity that promotes getting outdoors, being together and having fun!  If you paint, hide and find rocks in your local community please post a picture of one of your finds in the comments below.  Happy Hunting!




March 23, 2009

Winding down

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The past few weeks I’ve been running around like crazy trying to do all the things and see all the things that I want to see before we move.  My time here in Baku is limited now and there are so many stones left unturned.  Friends of ours went to the regions this weekend for the long holiday and I wish that I had the opportunity to go along.  I would have loved to have gotten out of the city and visited the regions but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen now.

I still want to see the hillside that is on fire, I still have many pictures of doors, balconies, laundry and ladas to take.  I would like to buy at least one more carpet and there are some little nick nacks that I’d like to pick up for myself and folks back home.  I’ll be making my last trip to the airport bazaar this Friday and will be stocking up on Pashminas.  I think I’ll be buying at least 40.  My mom has put in a request for 20 and I think  that I will need at least 20 to cover my needs for friends and they make great “just in case gifts”.

I’ve really been enjoying taking pictures these past few weeks.  Friday I got together with a few friends and we walked around in the Old City and just snapped away.  I got some really great shots and FINALLY figured out what to do with that online scrapbook that I bought about 3 years ago and have never used.  I’m going to make a scrapbook of my door, balcony, laundry and lada photos.  I’ve been playing around with Picasa’s photo editing tools.  They are a LOT of fun and I am really happy with what I’m able to do to highlight my pictures.  I really don’t like the camera that I’m using so I’m ordering a new one on April 1.  After looking long and hard at point and shoot cameras I’ve decided to go with the Canon Powershot SX200.  I love to take pictures, but don’t want the bulk and expense associated with the digital SLR’s.  Although I did feel like a total amateur out there on Friday next to the Nikon’s with their shutters clicking away 3-4 times to my 1 point and shoot shot.  The picture in this post was taken yesterday on my way to the market to buy some grocery items for dinner.  I love having a small, portable camera that just fits right in to my coat pocket.

And, in other news, I purchased my crude oil painting today…YAY!  To refresh your memory, click here.

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