September 6, 2017

So Much More

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Day to day I struggle with being called “Dietary” by various members of the healthcare team.  I spend a lot of time an energy correcting this when it happens…”I’m sorry, do you mean Food Service or Clinical Nutrition?”  People don’t realize how hard we work to become Registered Dietitians.  Years ago Registered Dietitians did spend a lot of time…most of their time in the Food Service department.  Over the years the practice has advanced and Clinical Nutrition has really come a long way.  Our clinical expertise is being acknowledged by the interdisciplinary team and we are FINALLY becoming recognized as experts in our field.  We use stethoscopes, we perform physical examinations, we conduct a detailed interview with patients and family members and our assessments form the foundation for the diagnosis of malnutrition.  Did you know that 1 in 3 patients is admitted to the hospital already malnourished?  I saw 8 patients today and 2 of them met the criteria for malnutrition.  One was likely deficient in B vitamins based on the clinical presentation.

As a dietitian I get excited about all sorts of strange things…deficiency is one of them. Really looking at the patient from head to toe is my job.  It isn’t all about telling someone what to eat or telling them they need to lose weight (most people already know they are overweight you know), it’s about looking at the person, listening to their story and putting the puzzle together.

This patient had angular cheilitis (red, irritated cracks at the side of the mouth), lips were a deep pink reddish color), poor dentition (loose, cracked and broken teeth, many cavities), the patient gave the description of “teeth going bad quickly”.  It was reported that the patient had been taking iron supplements in the past but had run out recently. The patient had lost 6% of body weight in the past 2 months and had mild to moderate fat wasting on physical exam.  I felt there was a high likelihood that there was some nutrient deficiency.  It wasn’t until I was typing my note and entering the past medical history that it hit me – B6.  This patient had a history of seizure disorder and had been on long term Keppra.

I placed a call to the MD and discussed my findings.  I recommended that the patient be worked up for B vitamin deficiency.  The provider agreed.  THIS is what I went to school for, THIS is the reason I attend conferences and continue my education.  THIS is reason that I correct people when the call me dietary.  I am so much more, I AM a Clinical Dietitian.


March 9, 2011

Happy National Registered Dietitian Day

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This is my interpretation of this year’s theme for National Nutrition Month® – “Eat Right With Color”.  Of course I’m totally addicted to fiber in whatever form it comes in so….I just dug deep in to my stash for some inspiration!

What does “Eat Right With Color” mean to you?

November 20, 2008

For Real Writing

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Scott mentioned to me sometime ago that the spouse of a friend he met at the gym worked for a local magazine here in Baku.  She mentioned to Scott that it would be great for me to write an article for the magazine.  At the time the idea was to generate business.  Of course, I’ll be writing this piece and not be paid.  Of course. 

I’m going to digress for a minute now. 

Why is it that dietitians have such a hard time getting paid for their services?  We are very caring and giving people, but for just how long should we be expected to volunteer before we have paid our dues?  Don’t get me wrong, I’d gladly package meals for Senior Citizens, work a day at a soup kitchen, donate non- perishable food items, etc. but I paid a lot of money to go to school to learn what I know and I really just want to make some money now. 

So, as I was saying before I interrupted myself – I’m going to write this article, for free, not to drum up business, not to see my name in print, but because I need some mental stimulation.  Now I’m thinking of ideas.  What to write?  Since it’s the holiday season should I write about ways to avoid unwanted weight gain during the holiday season (one of them being DO NOT HOST A COOKIE EXCHANGE). 

One thing’s for sure, no matter what I decide to write I’m sure it will be more science/evidenced based than the piece on the Watermelon Diet that I read when we first arrived in Baku.  I wish I knew the name of the magazine that it was in because I would link to it for sure.

So off I go, to a blank word document, with the hope of transforming it in to something useful.

December 14, 2007


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Today was a productive day.  My application is complete and ready to send in so that I can do some work with the AODA (American Overseas Dietetic Association).  This is an opportunity for me to become more familiar with the nutrition issues and nutrition practices here in Belarus and build my resume at the same time.  I’m hoping that this position (which is totally voluntary) will open the door for some other volunteer opportunities.  There has got to be something I can do to help someone. 

Katya was off today so I actually cleaned the apartment!  Yes, that’s right.  I swept, scoured, vacuumed, dusted, wiped AND took out the trash.  It’s amazing how much dirt accumulates in such a short amount of time.   Scott even said it looked good so I must have finally done something right around here.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted about this before, but I am the Oscar to his Felix, and trust me he makes Felix look like Oscar.  It’s insane.

Happy Light

When Scott came home today he presented me with batteries for the camera so now you can see a picture of the “Happy Light”.  This is supposed to mimic the sun and make me feel happier during the long, dark winter months.  I haven’t used the happy light.  Maybe I should use the happy light.  I’m not feeling so happy.  I’ll try it for a week and see what happens.  I wonder if Tickle has a test to measure happiness?  How long do you think?  20 minutes a day for 7 days?  (Note to self – check in to Vitamin D supplement).

Second Sock

Now that I have a working camera you can also see the “Second Sock” in progress.  Don’t look at the first sock, I just put it in the picture so you’d believe that this really is the second sock.  Now that I’m on the second sock I realize that I didn’t do such a great job on the first sock.  I’m thinking about a third sock or maybe re-knitting the first one.  Still undecided.  Hey who cares anyway, it was my first sock.

Scott and I attended a martini party tonight.  It was a going away party for someone at the UN.  We meet the neatest people at these parties, people from all over the world.  It is just so much fun to listen to everyone talk and the stories are usually really great.  Tonight the following countries were represented:  USA, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Japan, Turkey, Turjikastan, Russia and Belarus.  It was quite a mix.  The martinis were great, I had tried lemon drop and blue raspberry.  I wish I’d had a dirty martini.  I love them, but didn’t think it was a good idea to do that after the blue raspberry.  All around the room were quotations about martinis.  My favorite was “I like to drink martinis. Two at the most. Three I’m under the table, four I’m under the host.” – Dorothy Parker

New Desk 

This picture is long overdue.  Scott and I had been furniture shopping for a cupboard/cabinet to put in the kitchen.  For some reason this apartment has no storage space.  At one time there was storage and they had it removed so now, I’m putting it back in by adding practical pieces of furniture.  Anyway, we were in the furniture store and Scott commented that he liked this desk.  When I got home from Poland it was in the hallway.  We have a LONG hallway with a sitting area and the desk sits off to the side of the sitting area.  It looks nice and gives us a place to put some of our stuff.  It is similar to my Grammy’s old desk which is waiting for me back in the states.  Waiting for me to settle down.  2111?

Oh, I almost forgot, it looks like I may start working part-time at the Embassy in the near future.  More on that as I’m able.  Not in my field (nutrition), but hey.  It will give me some money to support my new swapping habit!  Don’t forget, the Hot Cocoa Swap sign ups start this weekend.  SClick the button on the right side of the page for more info on that!  This is going to be a good one.

Well I’m going to wind down for the evening.  Time to drink some water in hopes of avoiding the dreaded “hangover” in the morning. 

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