August 6, 2017

Calvert Rocks

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New craze.  We have joined the #calvertrocks craze.  I saw my first one on Wednesday night and thought how pretty it was.  I left it where I saw it.  Friday night we went out with some friends for dinner and I was telling them about the rock.  We decided to go back to see if it was still there…it wasn’t but I did find a pretty “Shine” rock and decided to relocate it to the local Sheriff’s Department to spread a little cheer over the there.  I posted on Facebook about my find and my sister suggested I join the Calvert Rocks Facebook group.  There sure are a lot of people finding, painting and hiding rocks in Calvert County!  I was inspired to create my own rocks.  I painted them yesterday.  They just need a coat of clear spray and then we are heading out to place them in our local community for others to find.  We will be traveling to North Carolina to visit friends at the end of the month.  I’m saving my flip flop rock to place on that trip and hoping to find an #onslowrocks to bring home to place locally.  This is a great family fun activity that promotes getting outdoors, being together and having fun!  If you paint, hide and find rocks in your local community please post a picture of one of your finds in the comments below.  Happy Hunting!




April 26, 2010

Sheep and Wool Pre Festival Plan

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You know you are in trouble when you have to make a pre festival plan.  LOL.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, making lists, checking vendors, planning my attack for the big day…that’s right, it’s that time of year again.  The first weekend in May.  Time for none other than the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  A knitter/spinner’s idea of heaven. 

Last year was my first experience and while I completely enjoyed myself, I was a little overwhelmed.  Partially due to the fact that I was jet lagged from my recent trip back to the US from Azerbaijan, partially due to the fact that I had been having serious fiber withdraw from living overseas and lastly due to the fact that I was walking around smelling lamb cooking, but everyone was speaking english.  It was kind of like and out of body experience.  I remember passing many booths by just because I was too overwhelmed to look at anything but yarn or fiber.  I didn’t want to be tempted by notions or soaps, or dyes or paintings.  I do remember buying some maple peanuts though and while they were tasty, that’s $10 that I couldn’t spend on yarn!  LOL.

This year I plan to get an earlier start, take my time and really get into it.  I have my must sees, but I also want to do a little gift shopping while I’m there.  Since I come from a family full of crafters this is one stop shopping for me.  I would really love to go on Saturday and be able to do all my shopping and then go back on Sunday to see the animals and take a bunch of pictures.  We’ll see, the weather is going to be the determining factor.  I really don’t want to trudge around outside in the rain.  Rain + Fairgrounds = MUD!

Here are my must sees (in no particular order).

Creatively Dyed

Brooks Farm

Tess’s Designer Yarns (home of Man Candy)


Cloverhill Yarn Shop

Cormo Association

Spanish Peacock

Fleece Sale – looking for a white fleece this year, because my dye pot will be here soon, Cande will be living nearby which means – lots of white fleece will be needed for dyeing….of course, grey and light brown might be interesting too…..see the dilemma I face at the fleece sale.  I really am thinking BFL!

Sheep Incognito

I’ve been dreaming about a Majacraft Wheel lately.  I love the way they look.  Of course I also love the old antique style too.  Did I mention I’ll have my own place again soon…..mwahaahaa!

Ok, time to sleep and dream of the weekend…..I’m off to count sheep!  LOL.

September 10, 2009

2009 Summer Beach Bar Classic

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I’d like to start by saying that I THINK a good time was had by all, but I’m not entirely sure!  : )

We started off the event by decorating our T-shirts – so people would know that we were together and that something special was taking place of course.


Michelle and Heahter aka Micellicious and Super Star.


L – Train aka Luke


JMack aka Yours Truly

These pictures are actually taken at the second hole so let me go back and give you hole 1.


There we are, the golfers with our Orange Crushes at Mangos in Rosehaven.  This was my first taste of the Orange Crush, and I must say I really liked it.  Fresh squeezed OJ and LOTS of vodka.  Kind of a healthy version of a screwdriver if you will.

If you look on the bar in front of us you’ll notice our scorecards and the cute miniature mechanical pencils that I found.  We were well prepared for the event.  What wasn’t so well prepared were the rules and I take full responsibility for that.  I also had to apologize for my righteousness which was displayed when discussing the rules after I had started to consume alcohol.  Note to self and others….discuss the rules before the drinking portion of the game begins.

So we were off to the second hole – Thursday’s.  Blue Moon’s for the real players and a Coor’s Light for L-Train.DSCN0524

Next we headed next door to BilVil for the 3rd hole.  Bil and Sandy came out to say hi and offered up Hot Dogs at the turn for our next event!  Food is a great idea and we’ll hear more about food later.  Here we are, enjoying a brew on the deck at BilVil.


My brew was a Backfin Pale Ale by a brewery in Fredneck.  I mean Fredrick, MD.  Good stuff.

Next off to Neptune’s where I decided that I was going to get something to eat.  It was probably 4:30-5pm by this point and all I’d had all day long other than the booze was a bowl of watermelon for breakfast and that just wasn’t cutting it.


Neptunes where in front of us you’ll see the empty plate of zucchini straws which was split at least 3 ways.  That was dinner, which I knew then, and confirmed later in the evening was definitely not enough.  You’ll also notice that Luke looks a little shiny.  I could fix it with Photoshop, but I’m finished doing favors for that guy and you’ll see why later!

Beach Cove was next on the list – Hole 5.  This is where I had the “Neri Sighting”.  Now if you know anything about me and my beach history.  Neri Sightings are usually not a good thing.  This one proved to be uneventful thank goodness.  The best plan in case of a Neri sighting is one of three things 1.  RUN

2. Ignore

3. Limit exposure

For this sighting I chose to combine numbers 2 and 3.  Very effective.



The crew inside Beach Cove – their menu looks pretty good so we’re planning to return for dinner one night.

Hole 6 – Crooked I, formerly known as Chaney’s.  This was my first time at Crooked I.  I like it.  Anytime you can sit outside and view the water while you enjoy your beverage is a good thing.



Now this is where it really starts to get fuzzy….Hole 7 @ The Freaky Deaky Tiki

I’d like to point out that I am hammered by this point and all of my friends still look sober.  How is that possible?  I guess I’m just really out of practice.


Hole 8 – Smokey Joes


It appears that we have a 5th player now.  I think Billy joined us at Hole 5.  I also notice the shooter in front of me and Michelle and that could not have been a good thing, but I’m sure I made par at that hole!

Last but not least Trader’s – Hole 9


I remember being here.  I remember running my lips to and with Patty, Ann and Katie (sorry guys), and I remember walking back to Michelle’s.  Everything else about it is a blur….I see Luke ditched his shirt at this point which should be an 8 stroke penalty for being out of dress code. AND I see that Heather is missing from the group photo which also should be some penalty, but we’ll have to talk about that when the board convenes later tonight over crabs!

So there you have it the 2009 Summer Beach Bar Classic.  Good time was had by all – at least the pictures make me think so.  I have no idea what my final score was or even if there was a winner but, according to a few of the pictures I’m was the LOSER!  Thanks Luke!  Arrrr.

June 15, 2009

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

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Today I spent the afternoon geocaching with my sister and nephew in Upper Marlboro.  Zachary had been sick for the past two days so we weren’t sure how much caching we’d get in, but we set off to see what we could accomplish.

When I was compiling the list of caches to visit, I came across Gnome’s Home (GCN3BM) which was the obvious starting point since the previously logger said that he’d left $100 and nothing had been logged since.  We drove around 2 wrong areas before finally arriving at our destination.  The cache was easy to find and full of loot, just not the $100 – someone beat us to it.  This was Zachary’s and Heather’s first cache so they each choose a prize, we left two prizes, took pictures, signed the log, sealed everything up and then headed off to the next destination.


Our next attempt was NFL – Not So Cheap Seats (GC1F84M).  Admittedly, we didn’t give this one a very good go.  The clue said that we may be able to see it from the trail…we couldn’t and even with the golf club that we brought along, the idea of walking through the woods 70 yds looking for a cache box that may or may not be there wasn’t my idea of a good idea given the copperhead population and our close proximity to the pond filled with turtles and frogs and other things that snakes probably LOVE to eat.


We did walk around to the neighborhood trail to see if we could access the cache from a different angle, but no luck, still woods to tackle.  Definitely city cachers!

Needless to say, the seven year old was a bit disheartened and ready to end the day but there was one more cache just around the corner that we wanted to attempt before calling it a day.

Darnall’s Chance (GC1J4KH) was a success and proved to be an interesting end to the day.


Zachary and Heather had come to Darnall’s Chance last year in search of a letterbox (LbNA 26010), they were successful so Zachary wanted to show me where it was.  When we arrived at the box location we were saddened to see that the box had been ruined.  Somehow the container had come open, the contents spilled out and the log book ruined.  The stamp was missing the stamp portion but the ink pad was still there and appeared to be ok.  We brought the box home with us and sent a message to the owner through the Letterboxing website.


We are willing to repair and replace the content of the box and replace it if that’s what the owner wants, or we are willing to hand over the contents for the owner to deal with.  Either way is fine with me, it’s just a shame that the box was ruined.  It has been out there for people to find since 2006!

So as Meatloaf says, two out of three ain’t bad.  It was a good day of caching.  Everything has been logged and we’ve located a bunch of caches and letterboxes to look for during out trip to the Outerbanks at the end of the month!  There are even geocaches in Chile so hopefully there will be more Tales from the Trails coming soon!

January 3, 2009

My Latest Addiction

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Trap Setup


It’s happened again.  I’ve fallen victim to the online game demons.  I’m hopelessly addicted to a game called Mousehunt.   One of my friends (Nancy) on Facebook was participating in an event and I wanted to know more about it so I clicked…BIG MISTAKE.

I started playing on December 29th and now I won’t be able to stop until I’ve reached the highest level I can reach (Hero).  I’m sure that will be a while.  I’m still only on the first level, Novice at 85%.  With the hours I’ve been logging I am hoping to reach the second level, Apprentice by the end of the weekend…maybe by the end of the day but that’s a tall order.

With Mousehunt you are hunter and your goal is to set up a trap to catch mice.  You build your trap, choose your cheese, hunting area and wait.  Every fifteen minutes you can sound the “Hunter’s Horn”.  At this time you “go hunting” then return to camp and check your hunter’s journal to see if you caught anything.  You are awarded gold and points for mice that you catch.

You have to buy cheese to bait your trap and you can buy more powerful traps with more gold and points as the game progresses through the seven skill levels from Novice to Hero.  Each level offers new challenges, new hunting areas and new mice to catch.

It’s a passive game and you can spend as little as a few minutes a day or as many hours as you can stay awake playing. 

The best part about the game (and the original reason I signed up) is that they give away actual prizes…including CASH!  They had a New Year’s Eve giveaway and since Scott was sick and we were staying in I figured I’d might as well try to win some cash…that was HOURS ago.  I only saw one prize mouse visit my trap.  He visited my trap, stole my bait, but didn’t drop the $200 he was carrying!  That dirty rat!  He was a Leprachaun Mouse and I’ll be waiting and ready for him next time!  There were about 200 prizes given away during the event over the course of two days.  Around 20,000 people were online consistently playing during those two days.

You can also recruit friends to join your Hunting Group.  I have 43 people in my group so far and I actually personally know 9 of them.  The first one in my group was Nancy.  I love Nancy.  She and I were friends in High School.  She gave me 20,000 gold to get started and introduced me to her Hunting Group and some of them gave me gold and off I went! 

It’s good to have higher ranking players in your Hunting Group so that you can ask questions and so that they can give advice. 

So, I’ll keep you posted about my status and leveling.  As I’m ending this I’m now at 87%, I just sounded the Hunter’s Horn, caught a Dwarf Mouse worth 221 points and 455 gold in the Town of Gwania.  FUN!  I caught this guy using the trap pictured above, The Trebuchet and wooden base with target using Marble cheese.

Ok, now Scott and I have an in person date in the living room to play board games!  I’m sure we’ll both be taking breaks every 15 minutes to check our traps!  : )

October 7, 2008

The Ballet

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I’m going to the BALLET!  I’m so excited.  This Saturday, lead dancers from the Bolshoy and Stanislavski Theatres in Russia will be here in Baku performing SWAN LAKE

I am going with a couple of friends.  The fact that Scott isn’t a ballet fan isn’t new news so I didn’t even ask him if he wanted to attend.  He’ll probably sit home doing what he does every night which is play World of Warcraft.  To be completely honest I’m pretty sick of that game, but I’ll save that for another post.  This one is about FUN!

In honor of the big night I think I’ll even get my hair done!  I’m going to make the appointment right now.

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