January 24, 2009

Letter Meme

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A few weeks ago I was tagged by Transplanting Me in a “letter meme”.  The rules are as follows:

Leave a comment on this post, and you will be assigned a letter.  Write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on. (You can opt out of being assigned a letter, just say you don’t want to play – I still love comments)

My letter, assigned by Monica is letter “D”….thinking, thinking, thinking….here goes

1.  Daisies –

Daisies are today and always have been my favorite flower.  I love them in all colors, fancy and traditional.  Gerbera Daisies are my favorite, especially the red or flame orange color in my garden…love, love, love daisies.  Don’t waste your money buying me roses.  A bunch of white daisies with a yellow center do the trick.  I also love daffodils.  When the daffodils come up, I know it’s time to start doing yard work.  I don’t necessarily love the yard work part, but I love the outcome, a beautiful floral landscape.  I miss my garden.

2.  Denim – 

I’m most comfortable in my blue jeans.  These days my favorite pair is my Levi’s.  They are the only brand I’m really comfortable ordering online.  When I get back to the states I’m in desperate need of new jeans.  I’m looking in to Paige Denim, which I’ve wanted for a few years and now am going to splurge and buy myself a pair.  A good friend also swears by True Religion…where do people get all this money to buy jeans?

3.  Dietitian – my profession.  I love being a dietitian.  Helping people feel better about themselves, giving them assistance when they are sick or undergoing medical treatment is perhaps the single most, best feeling in the world.  Going to bed at night, knowing that you made a difference in someone’s life is huge.  I haven’t worked in my profession in over a year and a half.  I have continued to help people, via email, phone, etc.  I started a private practice in the hopes of being able to help members of the embassy community while I’m overseas.  This hasn’t given me the amount of clients that I was hoping for, but it has brought some and for those I am grateful, and what’s even better is that they were grateful too.

4.  Diamonds –

Asscher cut is my favorite.  It’s the stone in my engagement ring.  Enough said.

5.  Dollar – I never seem to have enough these days, but I love them just the same.

6.  Desperate Housewives – 

I didn’t watch the first season as it aired.  I started watching it midway through the second season and got hooked.  I purchased Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD to catch myself up once I got overseas and now I’m a faithful watcher.  Even though I’m not a mom, I see myself as a Lynette.

7.  Dogs – I’m a Spaniel girl.  I love Spaniels…we were in the process of adopting a pure bred Bench Bred Springer Spaniel, liver colored when we found Max.  We aren’t exactly sure what breed of dog Max is, but one things for sure he’s got some sort of Spaniel (or two or three) in his blood somewhere.  Some people say Field/Springer mix, some say Field/Cocker mix and some say Field/Gordon Setter mix….whatever the mix, he’s awesome.  He’s become quite dependant on me since we’ve been overseas.  I’m the one with him 24/7 so he follows me around ALL DAY LONG.  If I am in the den, he’s in the den.  If I get up to check the laundry, he does too (now if only he’d learn to fold it).  When I go to the bathroom he follows me right in there and waits for me.  When I lay on the couch in the afternoon to take a nap, he curls right up beside me.  He really is a great guy and great company for me most days.  I’m glad we found him (thanks Tony @ Pups).


8.  Daytime Television –

General Hospital is my favorite.  I keep watching and waiting for the return of Blackie Parrish, though it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.  I’m also patiently waiting for the day when Bobbie’s son Lucas takes his rightful place as the mob leader in Port Charles, it will be up to Uncle Lucky to stop him, causing the Spencer family to become at odds with each other.   When that day comes I’ll have to stop watching…until then I’m hooked.  I’m trying to remember when I first started watching GH…I can remember Heather Weber, Laura when she was married to Scottie, Bobbie when she was a student nurse, but I don’t remember how old I was.  I just know it’s been a LONG TIME.

9.  Deathly Hallows –

Ok, maybe this wasn’t my favorite book in the Harry Potter series, but it was close.  It would have probably been my favorite if the events involving Snape had been different.  I don’t want to divulge too much information for those who haven’t read it yet.

Last but not least, #10 – Democracy – if there is one thing that I’ve truly come to appreciate since I’ve been living overseas in these post soviet countries is democracy.  Let freedom ring!

So there you have it, 1o things that start with the letter D that I love.  It was harder than I thought to come up with 10, but I did it.  Now it’s your turn.


January 5, 2009


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Baku is often called the windy city and today is a perfect example of why.  I am sitting in my office and I can hear the wind whipping around outside.  These apartments are not “air tight” so it’s a bit cold and drafty in here.  I was dreading heading out to the store and desperately thinking of ways to avoid heading out in to the wind, but somehow I don’t think the egg substitution would work so well in Mrs. Nixon’s Chicken Casserole so I braved it.  By the way, my recipe doesn’t say let stand overnight…

Thankfully on my way to the market there was a tail wind.  I was there in no time.  I mean, I literally was pushed all the way to the store.  I almost lost my footing a few times when the “gusts” came.  The wind is crazy here.  According to the Weather Underground it’s blowing at 44 km an hour which is about 28 miles an hour…steady, I don’t even know what they are gusting to, but it’s a lot higher than that.  Unfortunately since the winds pushed me there the return trip was a little harder.  Thankfully everything here is still snow and/or wet so I didn’t have debris blowing into my eyes (I forgot my glasses).

I’m still playing Mousehunt (Apprentice 11% now – that’s level 2).  In fact, it may be time for an intervention.  I burned hard boiled eggs today.  Yep, you read that correctly…hard boiled eggs.  I put them on to boil and the next thing you know I smell hard boiled eggs…hmm, OH SHIT!  Yep, I’m hooked.  Needless to say, I haven’t been doing much of anything else.  I am working on finishing up that baby surprise jacket today though.  I’m down to 5 more rows so it looks promising!  Maybe I’ll even be able to post some pictures!

January 3, 2009

My Latest Addiction

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Trap Setup


It’s happened again.  I’ve fallen victim to the online game demons.  I’m hopelessly addicted to a game called Mousehunt.   One of my friends (Nancy) on Facebook was participating in an event and I wanted to know more about it so I clicked…BIG MISTAKE.

I started playing on December 29th and now I won’t be able to stop until I’ve reached the highest level I can reach (Hero).  I’m sure that will be a while.  I’m still only on the first level, Novice at 85%.  With the hours I’ve been logging I am hoping to reach the second level, Apprentice by the end of the weekend…maybe by the end of the day but that’s a tall order.

With Mousehunt you are hunter and your goal is to set up a trap to catch mice.  You build your trap, choose your cheese, hunting area and wait.  Every fifteen minutes you can sound the “Hunter’s Horn”.  At this time you “go hunting” then return to camp and check your hunter’s journal to see if you caught anything.  You are awarded gold and points for mice that you catch.

You have to buy cheese to bait your trap and you can buy more powerful traps with more gold and points as the game progresses through the seven skill levels from Novice to Hero.  Each level offers new challenges, new hunting areas and new mice to catch.

It’s a passive game and you can spend as little as a few minutes a day or as many hours as you can stay awake playing. 

The best part about the game (and the original reason I signed up) is that they give away actual prizes…including CASH!  They had a New Year’s Eve giveaway and since Scott was sick and we were staying in I figured I’d might as well try to win some cash…that was HOURS ago.  I only saw one prize mouse visit my trap.  He visited my trap, stole my bait, but didn’t drop the $200 he was carrying!  That dirty rat!  He was a Leprachaun Mouse and I’ll be waiting and ready for him next time!  There were about 200 prizes given away during the event over the course of two days.  Around 20,000 people were online consistently playing during those two days.

You can also recruit friends to join your Hunting Group.  I have 43 people in my group so far and I actually personally know 9 of them.  The first one in my group was Nancy.  I love Nancy.  She and I were friends in High School.  She gave me 20,000 gold to get started and introduced me to her Hunting Group and some of them gave me gold and off I went! 

It’s good to have higher ranking players in your Hunting Group so that you can ask questions and so that they can give advice. 

So, I’ll keep you posted about my status and leveling.  As I’m ending this I’m now at 87%, I just sounded the Hunter’s Horn, caught a Dwarf Mouse worth 221 points and 455 gold in the Town of Gwania.  FUN!  I caught this guy using the trap pictured above, The Trebuchet and wooden base with target using Marble cheese.

Ok, now Scott and I have an in person date in the living room to play board games!  I’m sure we’ll both be taking breaks every 15 minutes to check our traps!  : )

December 13, 2008

Deciphere the Canticles of the Yuletide Season (Guess the Songs of Christmas)

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I found this game over at Robin’s Christmas Cookie Exchange page.  Each of the following represents the title of a popular Christmas Song.  Have fun and you can check your answers here.  Thanks to Debby Griffith for submitting this game to Robin’s page.

It was my intention to play this at the Cookie Exchange today, but everyone was having such a good time socializing that we really didn’t need it.  The Cookie Exchange was a huge success.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and said what a great idea it was.  I hope that they continue to have cookie exchanges at whatever post they are at next year and following years.  It’s such a great way to get together and bring a little bit of holiday spirit to those who may be in need (namely – ME).

1. Exclamation, Member of the Round Table with missing areas.

2. Boulder of the Tinkling Metal Spheres.

3. Vehicular Homicide was Committed on Dad’s Mom by a Precipitous Darling.

4. Wanted in December: Top Forward Incisors.

5. The Apartment of Two Psychiatrists.

6. The Lad is a Diminutive Percussionist.

7. Sir Lancelot with Laryngitis.

8. Cup-shaped Instruments Fashioned of a Whitish Metallic Element.

9. Exclamation, Small Israeli Urban Center.

10. Far Off in a Hay Bin.

11. Kong, Lear, and Cole — That’s Us !

12. Duodecimal Enumeration of the Passage of the Yuletide Season.

13. Leave the Broadcast from an Elevation.

14. Our Fervent hope is that you thoroughly Enjoy your Yuletide Season

15. Listen, the Winged Heavenly Messengers are Proclaiming Tunefully.

16. Jubilation to the Entire Terrestrial Globe.

17. Do You Perceive the Same Vibrations that Stimulate My Auditory Sense Organs?

18. Parent was Observed Osculating a Red Coated Unshaven Teamster.

19. May the Deity Bestow an Absence of Fatigue to Mild Male Humans.

20. An Event that Arrived on a Cloudless Witching Hour.

21. Uncouth Dolf with the Flaming Proboscis is Aware of the Nature of Precipitation.

22. As the Guardians of the Woolly Animals Protected their Charges in the Dark Hours.

23. I beheld a Trio of Nautical Vessels Moving in this Direction.

24. Small, Wingless, Bloodsucking Insect that has a Pater in the Armada.

25. Punch out the Passages

December 20, 2007

Special Delivery

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The weather here has been snowy and wet over the past two weeks and poor Max has been getting so dirty that I have to wipe him down every time we come in from a walk.  Scott said today on the way out the door “Max could use a bath”.  I took that to mean, Jenn give Max a bath.   This picture is taken just after I said, “Max do you want a bath?” 


Notice the look of horror on the little man’s face?  Poor fella.  He was so traumatized by the scrubdown that he crawled up in the linen closet and took an hour long nap.  Look at the poor thing.  He barely fits in there.

 Max After Bath

Well, as I mentioned yesterday today was a big day.  Mail day! I must say I was pleasantly surprised that a few things arrived already.   There were a few things for my Silver/Grey Swap partner.   One more item and her box is ready to go and my first swap will be fulfilled.  The yarn came today and I must say it is beautiful.  I can’t give you anymore information or it will totally ruin the surprise for her if she’s reading this, but I wish I would have ordered some for myself, it’s that nice.

My knitting needles for the Christmas project came!  Now I can get working on that and hopefully have it finished in time. 

My friend Debbie and her mom Lynn sent me two incredible Christmas ornaments.  Lynn (Arts-Amore-A) is an artist and these are handpainted by her.


The boat is of course a Shrimp boat, since we just moved from Sneads Ferry, NC home of the Shrimp Festival.  Handpainted on the back is Sneads Ferry, 2007.  The second ornament is very pretty.  It is green, red and white painted on the inside (I think), very nice and they are both hanging proudly on our tree.

 And this arrived today

Christmas Yarn Exchange

 I signed up for the Christmas Yarn Exchange through Pick Up Sticks.  You order a skein of yarn and you get a skein of yarn.  The skein you purchase is delivered to someone else.  So, I know who ordered my yarn, but I don’t know what she’s ordered yet.  I haven’t peeked inside.  The package is really pretty.  It’s a green velvet bag with candy canes and bows.  On the inside of the card it gives the email address of the person who ordered the yarn so that I can email her to let her know my package arrived, and how I like it.

 We also received some nice Christmas cards.  It’s so nice to get a handwritten note, with today’s internet you don’t get many handwritten letters/cards anymore.

And finishing off today’s mail were the 12 Days of Christmas mugs  to go with the plates that I ordered on Ebay about a month ago, and a big box from my in-laws.  There’s bound to be some goodies from Grandma Church in there.  YUM.

We had friends over to play RISK tonight and it was a lot of fun.  It looks like Wednesday is not not only Mail Day, but Game Night.  And on that note, I’m beat and going to bed. 

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