May 15, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival 2011

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It was a fun filled day of yarn fibery goodness.  My friend Christine came in from Boston.  We were both practically hyperventilating by the time we pulled in to the parking lot.  It was a great weekend!  Here are a few pictures taken mostly on Sunday. 


February 6, 2010

Snowed In

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For the last 36 hours it’s been snowing in the Washington Metro Area.  We’ve accumulated somewhere between 20-30 inches depending on where you live.  It’s probably around 20-24 here in Upper Marlboro.

The city has come to a virtual stand still, much like it did in 2003.  That’s the last big snow I remember in this area, other than what hit us last month.  I’m beginning to take this personally.  I heard on the news tonight that we’ve gotten more snow so far this winter than in the last 5 winters combined.  That’s funny.  I think this is my first winter here in just about that long.  Scott and I moved to NC just before the end of 2004.  Hmmm.

Max has had a wonderful time.  He loves the snow.  I’m not even bothering to put his coat on.  It’s more trouble than it’s worth and he doesn’t have his boots.  His fur is short enough right now that the snow really isn’t balling up so why bother.  Here’s a few pictures of him, Molly and Zachary out in the snow around noon today.

So what do you do when the snow is coming down outside and you’re trapped inside?  A lot of nothing that’s what.  I did manage to get my homework for the week finished.  I knit several rows on my new sweater project and I’ve been tinkering with the blog.  I’m trying to decide on renaming and redesigning.  I have several ideas for the new design, but I’m really torn on renaming.

I’m also drinking some wine and watching Harry Potter.  White this evening.  Riesling from Cousino-Macul.  This is a Chilean Vineyard that Scott has visited.  He brought several bottles of red home in December.  They were yummy.  The Riesling is a little dryer than I’m used to, but it’s good.  I bought 3 bottles on Thursday.  Bottle 2 is well on it’s way to being history.

February 5, 2010

Bread, Milk and….BACON?

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It’s snowing in Maryland.  The storm of the century perhaps.  It started this morning around 10:35 am in Largo.  At least that’s when I saw the first flurry from my office window.  It really didn’t start coming down steady until about noon.  We were prepared to treat all 130 something patients at the facility today.  Needless to say it was a busy day.

We’d been expecting the snow all week, so today was no surprise.  Last night on the way home from worked I stopped by the local Amish market in Upper Marlboro.  I wanted to pick up beets, cabbage, ground pork and boneless chops to make cabbage rolls and borsch this weekend.  The market is usually pretty busy on the weekends so I wasn’t surprised when I pulled in last night and the parking lot was packed.  Everyone was getting their weekend shopping done early since we were expecting this snow.  I went to the meat counter and saw that they were “now serving”# 01.  There were lots of people standing around, waiting patiently.  I pulled my number…. 46.   WOW.  Well, I decided to get my veggies and then look around for a bit.  Certainly they’d be near my number when I returned.  WRONG.  #12.  I found a space next to two women and stood patiently…waiting….with the other 30 or so people.  I was near the ticket machine so it was fun to watch people check the “now serving number” then draw their ticket.  The look on their faces was priceless….they would ask the poor woman who chose to claim her “spot” next to the ticket machine….are they really on number 15?  Yep, she’d reply.  The women next to me were together and decided that they would place their orders together to save time.  One gave me her number, 32.  I was grateful.  She probably cut my wait by 30 minutes.  Now, normally I would have walked out.  No way I would wait in line for this long for ground pork and chops, but I knew the grocery stores would be packed and the lines would be long too….so I continued to wait. 

As I was waiting, I was being nosey of course and watching what people were purchasing.  BACON.  The poor Amish guy behind the counter went to the back no less than 4 times while I was there to replenish the stock.  I’ve never seen so much bacon being purchased.  Maple bacon, Canadian bacon, beef bacon, cured bacon, thick cut, thin cut, turkey bacon, pork bacon, you name it.  There were people waiting in this godforsaken line JUST TO BUY BACON!  It became a game to me and I would try to guess how much bacon and what kind the person was going to choose.  I never got the answer right, but I did pass the time.  Pretty soon they were calling my number and I was out the door with my pork chops, ground pork, beets and cabbage.  Oh, and no bacon.  Though I admit I was tempted.  I wonder how much longer the man next to me had to wait.  He was number 85, in line for Maple Turkey Bacon.  I kid you not.

December 26, 2009

Water Street

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Our little town, Upper Marlboro is a small little town with a Main Street, an Elm Street and a Water Street.  Today we had no doubt how Water Street got it’s name.  Unfortunately, it’s still kind of rainy and there is still some snow to melt.

September 15, 2009

Party in the Woods

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Also known as the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  It happens every year from the end of August, every weekend through October.  I have been many times, but haven’t been in several years.  I couldn’t wait to get there and taste some yummy Hard Cider.

Heather and I met my friends Dave and Olga, and two of Dave’s friends met him so there was a group of us walking around, browsing and taking in the sights.  The people watching at the festival is probably one of my favorite things , other than the hard cider of course.  I also really enjoy watching the shows and listening to the bands.   This time we watched Squire of the Wire, the Michael Rosman show and it was well worth the time.  What a great talent and a FUNNY guy.  His show was amazing and all of us really enjoyed it.  I want to go back again to see a few more shows and actually see the jousting this time.  I honestly don’t remember ever seeing it before.  The sun was in full effect this weekend and I was HOT so I passed this go round.

Here are a few pictures from the day.

Dave chowing down on a turkey wing….which I was surprised I had to coerce him in to buying.  Honestly they used to be a LOT bigger and well worth the $5….this one was probably worth about $4.50.


and one of his lovely bride, the sweet Olga – who by the way had a GREAT time!  YAY Olga.  I knew Dave would like it, and I so glad that you agreed to see what it was all about!


June 15, 2009

Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad

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Today I spent the afternoon geocaching with my sister and nephew in Upper Marlboro.  Zachary had been sick for the past two days so we weren’t sure how much caching we’d get in, but we set off to see what we could accomplish.

When I was compiling the list of caches to visit, I came across Gnome’s Home (GCN3BM) which was the obvious starting point since the previously logger said that he’d left $100 and nothing had been logged since.  We drove around 2 wrong areas before finally arriving at our destination.  The cache was easy to find and full of loot, just not the $100 – someone beat us to it.  This was Zachary’s and Heather’s first cache so they each choose a prize, we left two prizes, took pictures, signed the log, sealed everything up and then headed off to the next destination.


Our next attempt was NFL – Not So Cheap Seats (GC1F84M).  Admittedly, we didn’t give this one a very good go.  The clue said that we may be able to see it from the trail…we couldn’t and even with the golf club that we brought along, the idea of walking through the woods 70 yds looking for a cache box that may or may not be there wasn’t my idea of a good idea given the copperhead population and our close proximity to the pond filled with turtles and frogs and other things that snakes probably LOVE to eat.


We did walk around to the neighborhood trail to see if we could access the cache from a different angle, but no luck, still woods to tackle.  Definitely city cachers!

Needless to say, the seven year old was a bit disheartened and ready to end the day but there was one more cache just around the corner that we wanted to attempt before calling it a day.

Darnall’s Chance (GC1J4KH) was a success and proved to be an interesting end to the day.


Zachary and Heather had come to Darnall’s Chance last year in search of a letterbox (LbNA 26010), they were successful so Zachary wanted to show me where it was.  When we arrived at the box location we were saddened to see that the box had been ruined.  Somehow the container had come open, the contents spilled out and the log book ruined.  The stamp was missing the stamp portion but the ink pad was still there and appeared to be ok.  We brought the box home with us and sent a message to the owner through the Letterboxing website.


We are willing to repair and replace the content of the box and replace it if that’s what the owner wants, or we are willing to hand over the contents for the owner to deal with.  Either way is fine with me, it’s just a shame that the box was ruined.  It has been out there for people to find since 2006!

So as Meatloaf says, two out of three ain’t bad.  It was a good day of caching.  Everything has been logged and we’ve located a bunch of caches and letterboxes to look for during out trip to the Outerbanks at the end of the month!  There are even geocaches in Chile so hopefully there will be more Tales from the Trails coming soon!

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