November 12, 2008

Dog Days

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Well it looks like Max is going to need another trip to the vet.  MUCH. TO. MY. DISMAY!  He is shaking his head back and forth and scratching at his right ear.  He lets me look in it and I can’t see anything and it doesn’t stink.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but whatever it is it is obviously bothering him.  Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t laying around in pain….the dog is his usual whacky, running around driving me crazy self.  He just has to stop now and then to scratch his ear.

I’m not looking forward to returning to the vet I used last time.  I don’t really have much choice though.  Max’s shot passport is there so I’ll have to return at some point to pick that up.  I guess I may as well use this guy again since he is already familiar with the dog and the ear condition right?  I wonder if there is any way I can get him to tell me what he is doing to the dog before he does it?  I definitely think he was given too much “narcotic” last time.  I mean they didn’t even weigh him…how did they know how much to give.

We’ll see.  I’ll call tomorrow and see what they say.  I do have a back up vet JUST IN CASE.

In other dog news, it appears that we have a few stray cats living on our apartment compound now.  Max is fascinated by them.  We now have to spend a LOT of time in the front of the building so that he can sit on the sidewalk and stare the cats down.  Even if they aren’t there he will still sit and wait…patiently.  Me, I’m not so patient.


October 22, 2008

Better Day/s Ahead

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Thanks to everyone who checked in on me about Max. 

Max is his normal 100% adorable self today.  He woke up ready to go at 4:40 this morning.  Of course I thought it was his normal 6:30 so I started to fall in to the routine and then I looked outside and it was still dark.  I gave him a biscuit and went back to bed.  Then about 5:30 I guess he figured he wasn’t getting anywhere with me when I told him to “go lay down” and he started to bother Scott (good dog)!  Scott caved and got up and fed him!

I’m up late tonight, getting ready to catch my flight to Germany.  I’ll be back online next week.

July 20, 2008

Silent Sunday

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January 31, 2008

Nap Time

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I stayed up way too late last night waiting for the Snitch to be released in my HSKS4 Quidditch match.  Come to find out, the snitch won’t be released until Saturday, but hey, at least I got my quiz done.  Max kept me company (this is actually an old picture, but the position was the same)!

November 13, 2007

Our Apartment

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Our apartment is about a 20 minute walk from the Embassy.  There is a nice park outside that we can take Max for walks in.  This park is the source of much entertainment (see this post – Leftovers in the Park).  The apartment is about 1500 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, a kitchen, den, living room/dining room and enclosed patio that we use for storage.  There is a LONG hallway that separates the bedrooms from the LR/DR area and along that hallway are the kitchen and den.  The apartment is furnished.  Max likes to sit in the windows and look out over the parking lot (home to MANY stray cats) and park.  He spends so much time in the window that I put his bed up there so he has a comfortable place to spend his day.

There is a concierge 24/7.  Some of them are nicer than others….there is guy, old guy and grumpy guy.   Guy is ok, doesn’t say much, but will buzz the door for me when I come from walking Max, come from the grocery store…whenever, he will open the door me.  Old guy is my favorite.  I greet him with the standard Russian greeting and ask how he is everytime I see him.  He talks to me in Russian even though he knows I don’t understand most of what he says.   He is friendly and always smiling.   Grumpy, well grumpy is always grumpy.  He will not buzz the door, but will say hello – only if I say hello first.  These guys work 24 hour shifts so they sleep in their little booth which is probably 5×5 at the most.  Grumpy guy listens to very loud classical music and drinks vodka while he works…hey if you have to work 24 hours in a cell, you might as well have fun.  All the “guys” like Max.  They are entertained by his energy (and his clothes).  They all pet him and smile when he comes around – except Grumpy Guy, he just loses a few wrinkles.

There is also a lady who cleans the stairways.  She is always friendly…speaks to me only in Russian and ALWAYS smells like vodka. Our Building

November 10, 2007

Leftovers in the park

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I love to walk Max on weekend mornings for the simple fact that I like to see what is “leftover” from the parties in the park the night before.  Now I’m not talking food or drink, I’m talking PEOPLE.  We have seen a couple of leftovers, one we actually thought was dead and in fact, we don’t know what happened to him.  He was defninitely out of it and on the bench in front of our apartment for at least 6 hours during the day….didn’t move a muscle.  We went out for dinner that night and when we came back he was gone….mysteries of the unknown.  My favorite though is shown in the following pictures.  Max and I were walking and we saw a blue “heap” in a pile of leaves.  I thought at first that the leaf rakers had left one of their tarps balled up in the leaves, but the closer I got, the more I realized that this heap had a human shape to it, and the closer I got I thought I could see an ear…and in fact I could.  A man had passed out in a pile of leaves, in the park (but very near the road).  I thought about letting Max walk over and lick him, but decided against that.  We walked around for a while, Max did his business and the man was still there.  We came back up to the apartment and I told Scott to come and see the man in the leaves.  We looked out the bedroom window and about that time the “show” started.  A man walked up to the man in the leaves, picked him up by the scruff of his neck/jacket and began shaking him…then he started smacking him….I swear we could hear it from our apartment, he was not being gentle.  He was yelling and smacking and shaking the man and it proved to be very effective.  The man “snapped” out of whatever coma he was in and the man continued to yell at him.  He stood him up and walked him over to the bench (still yelling)….placed him firmly on the bench and then proceeded to walk away.  Maybe he was related, maybe he was doing a good deed, maybe he was ashamed of the man….who knows, but it was very entertaining and here are the pictures.

Man in pile of leaves

Old Man with Man in pile of leaves

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