January 1, 2008

Mission Accomplished

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I have my first FO (finished object – for my nonknitter readers).   Actually not my first ever FO, but my first to wear in public by me FO.  I worked long hours on December 30th and 31st so that I would be able to wear my poncho out to a party on New Year’s Eve. 

Scott was really surprised that it turned out so well.  A neighbor was amazed that I had finished it so quickly.  I don’t think quickly is the most accurate description.  I mean I worked on it for 6 hours on Sunday and another 3 on Monday.  It took FOREVER to weave in all the loose ends.  Not my favorite part by any means. 

I wore black jeans, black turtle neck and my poncho.  I was comfortable and warm and got many compliments!  Here’s the picture.  I wish I had the 18″ Slane and Slane oval link.  It would look so much better with this outfit.  Maybe for Valentine’s Day?



December 23, 2007

In Keeping with Tradition

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Prior to moving from Maryland it was my Christmas Eve tradition to gather with close friends, eat tacos and exchange gifts.  When I moved to North Carolina I really missed that tradition.  Scott and I met good friends in North Carolina and started a new tradition…egg nog.  Christmas Eve, Christmas music, good friends and a few glasses of egg nog. 

This year we are in Belarus away from the Maryland tradition, away from the North Carolina tradition and decided not to feel sorry for ourselves.  We decided to carry on both traditions and to share them with our friends here in Belarus.  We firmly believe that everyone should eat tacos and drink egg nog on Christmas Eve.

Of course I planned before I thought.  Where was I going to find taco shells and where was I going to buy egg nog in BELARUS?  The taco shells were ordered online from Netgrocer and arrived last week so that was easy.  The egg nog on the other hand presented more of a challenge.   It was out of stock from all my ordering sources, or needed to be refrigerated and I didn’t trust that it would make it here in a timely fashion.  So that left me with one choice.  I was going to have to make my egg nog this year.  That presented me with even more of a challenge.  I needed to find a recipe that called for cooking the eggs….hmm.  Surprisingly I found this recipe for Amazingly Good EggNog.  I made the first batch to day and I must say it was AMAZINGLY GOOD!  I’d even go out on a limb and say it’s better than Larry’s Egg Nog, and that’s saying something (trust me on this Larry). 

Egg Nog Step 1

Egg Nog Step 2

Egg Nog Step 3

Egg Nog Step 4

The egg nog cooking must have inspired something in Scott because he decided out of the blue, that today was the day he was going to make Monkey Bread.  He also decided that we needed to make cookies for the party tomorrow night.  We spent the day in the kitchen needless to say, but we were very productive.  Snickerdoodles, Gingersnaps (sorry, family recipe), Cranberry Hootycreeks, cupcakes,  a cake, monkey bread and egg nog.  After all that it was time for a well deserved break.

Scott watched the football game and I, well of course I worked on my poncho.  Here is a picture of the progress (Row 56 of 72).  When this is finished I knit an identical piece and then join them together to make an L and then again at the open ends to close it in and make the poncho.


This picture was requested by my mom.  The stockings and Max’s goodies have not been put out yet.  We are trying to decide whether to open gifts on Christmas Eve after the party or wait until Christmas morning.


Last but not least, here is a picture of the bad dog Max, sitting on the naughty stool.  The little sucker bit me last night.  I guess I got too close to his “boney” when trying to retrieve the napkin from his mouth.  Ok, this really isn’t the naughty stool (but he really did bite me), but I made you wonder didn’t I?  This is Scott practicing the “table” agility command with him. 


December 21, 2007

Fever update

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Here is a picture of my progress so far on the poncho.  I’ve never knit with any of these yarns before so it is a lot of fun.  I like the mohair and wigwam the best so far.  Zanzibar feels really nice too.

Max is upset that he is missing his picture with Santa this year.  Here is his official Christmas 07 photo.   


Happy Holidays!


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Well, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out for long (no, not the Christmas Yarn Exchange package – that’s still intact).  I started on the poncho (Colinette’s Vintage Knits Kit) today.  After knitting all-day on the Christmas project (which I decided is now a January birthday project) you’d think I’d be worn out, not to mention that it is past 1am.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I was ready to go to bed and then I saw the box…I had to at least cast on, then I had to see what the Mohair looked like, then the next color.  Finally the fever broke on Row 7.  I’ll resume tomorrow, I’m sure the bug will return.  Pictures tomorrow too.  Goodnight!

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