October 9, 2012

Z-Coil Buyer Beware

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A little over two years ago I invested in four pairs of Z-Coils to help relieve the chronic pain that I felt from plantar fascitis. I loved the shoes and wore them religiously to work.  About 6 months ago my work shoes started hurting my feet and I stopped wearing them and went back in to tennis shoes for work. 

Normally I would have taken my Z-Coils to the store to have them checked and had new coils put on but the store that I purchased them from went out of business about a year ago.  There haven’t been any Z-Coil retailers near me for quite some time.  A couple of months ago I did manage to find one fairly nearby but the hours were very unreasonable and didn’t fit in to my schedule at all.  Today I searched again and found another retailer but she wanted to charge me a $75 fitting fee, in addition to the cost of the new coils.  Um, no thank you.

One of the main reasons I purchased Z-Coils in the first place was the fact that they came with LIFETIME adjustments.  Today all of a sudden those LIFETIME adjustments seem to have expired.  Apparently not all Z-Coil retailers have to honor that LIFETIME adjustment, it’s up to them.  Now they don’t mind telling you that when they are trying to sell you a pair of $250 shoes. 

I called Z-Coil Customer Service and they were less than helpful.  Not only did they tell me that they couldn’t do anything for me, they didn’t even offer to help me find a retailer that would adjust my shoes for no charge until I told them that this is what they should be doing for someone who had spent money on their product.  HORRIBLE service and for that reason I will no longer be recommending these shoes to family, friends or co-workers. 

So basically as I promised Z-Coil that I would, I’m blogging about my experience.  Buyer BEWARE!  Z-Coils are great shoes and have helped my foot pain tremendously.  If you are interested in purchasing these shoes, do your homework, you won’t be getting any help from the company if you run in to problems down the line.  If your retailer goes out of business you are basically stuck with a $250 pair of shoes that you will be servicing yourself unless you can find a retailer who is willing to help you out.  Oh yeah, Z-Coil will be happy to sell you the replacement coils.


May 17, 2010


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Today I treated my feet to what I hope to be pain free days ahead.  I invested in a pair of Z-Coil shoes for work.  I’ve worked with two people in the past year who SWEAR by them and my feet have really been bothering me over the last week so I figured no time like the present to give them a try.

A few years ago I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet as a result of wearing shoes for way longer than I should have.  Once I recovered I vowed to myself to replace my work shoes every 4-5 months.  My ASICS were due to expire so I went in search of the Reebok toner shoes but couldn’t find them.  I opted for the New Balance tone shoes which looked and felt great.  After the first day in those new shoes I felt exhausted and my feet were killing me.  By the end of the week I was starting to have some foot pain.  On Sunday morning I woke up and couldn’t stand it anymore.  I looked up the nearest Z-Coil store, but sadly they were closed.  I then planned to go right after work on Monday.

When I woke up this morning my feet felt as though I’d run a marathon and I had only walked from my bed to the bathroom.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day.  By 9:00 am I had decided that I wouldn’t make it to the end of the day.  I had to do something NOW.  I waited for the store to open at 10, I called to make sure someone was there and off I went!

I know that sounds crazy, but the fear of the plantar fasciitis returning was enough to make me not want to wait one more minute.  So I am now the proud owner of 2 pairs of Z-Coils.  One for work and one for play.  I’ll post again in a week or so and let you know how they are working and how my feet feel.

Here’s a picture of the work shoe…..sexy!  LOL

and from a different angle –

The best part – they were on sale.  So if you’ve been considering buying a pair, now would be a great time!  Tell them Jenn Smart sent you!